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Sofawolf Press seeks storytellers in Heat

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Sofawolf Press is proud to announce the debut of Heat, our new publication dedicated to romantic and erotic storytelling. Heat #1 was released at Further Confusion 2004, along with Anthrolations #7 and Shadows in Snow, our second anthology from New Tibet. (All are now available for sale on our website: With Heat we've expanded our variety of storytelling beyond short fiction to include comics and poetry, and we're doing it with a more dynamic sense of graphic design than in our previous literary anthologies. Having set the stage with Volume 1, we are now seeking submissions from writers, poets and comic artists for Volume 2 and beyond.

We are seeking submissions with the same level of quality as our readers have come to expect from Sofawolf Press publications (e.g., well developed characters and plot). Written content may contain explicit sexual descriptions, as long as they remain balanced and relevant to the story as a whole. Stories should be in the range of 3,000 to 6,000 words, though material outside this range considered as space allows. Poetry is a new realm for Sofawolf, and we look forward to submissions in a variety of styles with the uniting theme of passion, if not outright eroticism. Comic submissions should demonstrate quality storytelling layout and artistic technique. We suggest that artists contact us with samples and a summary of the storyline before proceeding with a comic project, as space will be limited.

For most of our publications we do not accept submissions for standalone illustration, preferring to select illustrators to match specific stories. While stories in Heat will be treated similarly, we are also interested in submissions of standalone art and/or text which will add a unique, dynamic feel to the project. Erotic flip art? A political cartoon? A picture that's truly worth a thousand words? We'll happily consider anything new and exciting...

E-mail inquiries or submissions to


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Seeking 'storytellers in heat'? Um.... that will certainly set a tone for the writing.... :)

A subject line change might be in order here.

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Considering they're looking for erotica stories, I think that's exactly the tone they want.

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