Midwest FurFest Announces Third Guest of Honor

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Midwest FurFest is pleased to announce our third Guest of Honor for our fifth year.

David Gilbert is the creator and artist for the King Features Syndicated comic strip 'Buckles'. His strip was created back in 1996 about a dog and his owners and is now shown each day in over 100 newspapers. You can see archived strips of Buckles at http://www.bucklescomic.com or at http://www.kingfeatures.com/features/comics/buckles/about.htm.
You may also know our other two Guests of Honors already.

Ursula Vernon is a talented artist who has done work over many different media and a wide array of subjects. Her artwork features a lot of different furry subjects, from realistic frog paintings to her 'Digger' comic strips. You can see all her work at http://www.metalandmagic.com.

Jared Ledger, or as most people know him, 'Scribblefox', is our Fursuit Guest of Honor this year. He has created suits in a wide range of styles, varying from the cartoonish to the highly realistic, and he has brought many innovations to fursuit design. You can look at the fursuits he has created at http://www.onefurall.com.

There are also many fun things that are being planned this year, along with many of the favorites that people have come to expect at MFF. So, come on and join us November 19th-21st, 2004 for a rip roaring good time.

Remember to keep your eyes on http://www.furfest.org for all the updates and how to register.


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