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Midwest FurFest August Newsletter

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With Anthrocon now behind us, Midwest FurFest is quickly approaching! Click below to read our summer newsletter and start making your plans to attend in November, today!Greetings from Midwest FurFest!

In This Issue:

Ursula Vernon Wins an Ursa Major
Dealer's Room
Art Show
2003 Souvenir Video
Volunteering at FurFest
Mailing Lists


<-*-*-*-> Ursula Vernon Wins an Ursa Major <-*-*-*->

Midwest FurFest would like to congratulate our Guest of Honor, Ursula Vernon, for winning an Ursa Major Award for 'Best Anthropormorphic Published Illustration'. Her illustration on the cover of 'Best in Show: Fifteen Years of Outstanding Furry Fiction' was the winner in this category of the 2003 awards. Many congratulations to her on this accomplishment!

<-*-*-*-> Registration <-*-*-*->

Midwest FurFest will be happy to help you start your time at the convention with the same quick trip through Registration that you've experienced in past years. You can speed your way even further by pre-registering now, either online or by mail, at the low rate of $30.

Also, here's a special reminder: Midwest FurFest will be kicking off again this year with a Thursday Night Social. Meet your friends, indulge in the tasty complimentary food, and even register for the convention. It's a great way to get an early start to a fabulous weekend.

Remember that you can enjoy your stay with us even more and show your support for Midwest FurFest by purchasing a sponsorship! Not only will you be sure to get one of the exclusive, limited-edition cloisonne pins featuring artwork by one of our guests of honor as well as a surprise gift, you'll get to enjoy a sumptuous luncheon with the guests of honor, plus receive a lovely and stylish Midwest FurFest 2004 T-shirt. All of this is available for only $100.

You can find registration forms, online registration, and answers to your registration questions at

<-*-*-*-> Dealer's Room <-*-*-*->
The Dealers Room is full! However, we do offer a waiting list in case a table opens up. Please contact for information about being added to the waiting list. The dealers list available at will be updated later this week to include all of our currently scheduled dealers.

<-*-*-*-> Art Show <-*-*-*->

Panels are currently available for the art show. Panels are 4' tall by 2' wide, and are available for $3 each, with a five panel maximum. Deadline for art show registration is September 30th, so get your registration in now! Details are available at


<-*-*-*-> 2003 Souvenir Video <-*-*-*->

Did you attend Midwest FurFest in 2003? Want something to show how cool it was to the rest of your friends? The Midwest FurFest DVD is now available for sale in our online webstore at for only $25. The DVD contains a complete record of Midwest FurFest's Furry Variety Show, as well as a compilation of many other main stage events that occurred throughout the weekend.

<-*-*-*-> Volunteering at FurFest <-*-*-*->

Want to see Midwest Furfest 2005 for free?

Need a place to hang your hat (or tails, ears, or hooves...) at Midwest Furfest 2004? 

You've got needs, and Midwest Furfest has the solution for them--become a gopher!

Thrill to the rush of setting critical convention areas up! Experience the exhilaration of serving food and drink in the con suite! Brave the hordes rushing the convention space--like dances, the Furry Variety Show, and the dealer's room-- making sure that all have appropriate badges displayed! Adventure in the Art Show!  Protect the Internet Room! And more! It takes a lot of people to make the convention happen, and our Furfest gophers are the backbone of that unstoppable, motivating force of volunteers!

For just ten hours of your time, you can have a complimentary membership rolled over for Midwest Furfest 2005. And to make your gophering experience at Midwest Furfest 2004 easier, your ten hours also make you eligible for crash space in the Gopher Hole--a place to sleep and hone your hygenic skills throughout the con.

Thrilling adventures and rewards await you as a Furfest gopher! Visit and embark on your voyage today!


<-*-*-*-> Mailing lists <-*-*-*->

Midwest FurFest has two mailing lists available: MFF-Announce is for official announcements only. You should receive only a few messages per month maximum from this list.

MFF-Talk is a discussion list, a place to ask questions or talk about Midwest FurFest. The number of messages on this list will depend on the subscribers. There is also a digest format available for this list.

You can subscribe to any of these lists by emailing with any subject, and in the message put:

   subscribe mff-announce or subscribe mff-talk or subscribe mff-talk-digest

 When you subscribe to either list, information will be sent to you on how to unsubscribe, should you wish to do so later. 'Major' (Majordomo) is an automated process, you should not send mail to 'major' other than subscribe, unsubscribe, and other commands that will be explained in your welcome message. Any questions about 'Major' may be directed to

Midwest Furfest & MFF Newsletter are productions of Midwest Furry Fandom, Inc 2004



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