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First DVD of Furry-Based Sketch Comedy

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What may be the first compilation of furry-related sketch comedy will debut at Anthrocon 2005.

The DVD compilation is called “And you KNOW this” by Brian Reider (aka Kutztown Dragon). Filled with twelve short films, the DVD features appearances by Anthrocon Chairman Dr. Sam Conway and comedian, 2 The Ranting Gryphon. “It my goal to make films for a general audience but have them peppered with furry references that most people will just disregard. It works on two levels, you know, rocking both sides of the coin,” said Reider.

The material is aimed at an audience of 18-30 year-olds. Reider calls his comedy “shock-humor”. According to co-producer Christopher Bomgardner, you’ll laugh because you know you’re not supposed to.

On the other hand, one film in the DVD is downright bizarre, even for furry audiences. It is a five minute animated comic strip, where fart sound effects punctuate the dialogue for no particular reason.

Other skits include:
A homage to the arcade classic “Paperboy” acted out in real life.

A fake documentary of fictitious convicted child molester Kurt Slovinski.

An “E-Mail” section where co-star Brian Shoop answers emails while legitimately intoxicated.

An interview with AC Chairman Dr. Sam Conway at his home.

Most furry jokes are kept pleasantly in the background. “I want these films to stand on their own and not rely on fandom clichés,” added Reider.

Further information about the DVD as well as free downloads of past films by Kutztown Dragon may be viewed at his website:



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