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Furryville collectibles

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If you haven't nosed around the toy section at your local Target, you may want to! Mattel has put out a line of rather detailed, roughtly 3-inch-high poseable plush figures entitled (I kid you not) "Furryville." While not yet up on the Target website, they were apparently featured in this year's Toyfair.

This in and of itself is no big deal, as there have been anthropomorphic figures aimed at children for a long time (Calico Critters & the Sylvanian series); but this series in particular has a broad range of species...Besides the obligatory bears (the "Bearyweathers," "Bearskis," and "Bearibbian Pirate" among others) and mice (the "Micebergs" and "Prima Mouserina" ballerina), we have rabbits (the "Bunningtons"), kangaroos ("Kangaroo Court"), pandas (the "Pandafords"), racoons ("Pablo Racasso"), owls, fish, pigs, monkeys, elephants, hippos, ducks, and even an interspecies wedding ("Scentsational Groom" the skunk and "Wedding Meows" the cat).

Between the feline/mephit pairing and the brand name (Furryville... honestly, Furryville?), they certainly caught my eye. Keep a lookout for them the next time you're browsing for MLPs, Ninja Turtle figures or Transformers!

Besides, they're only about $2 a pop.


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