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Midwest FurFest September Newsletter

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Midwest FurFest Newsletter: September, 2005

In this issue:
The Pre-Registration Deadline Is Almost Here
The Hotel Is Filling Up Fast
We Have a New Charity
The Dealers Room Is Full
Art Show Space Is Available
There Are Changes In Artists Alley
Fursuit Badges Available
Programming Will Spark Your Interest
Furry Variety Show
Midwest FurFest Mailing Lists

** The End Is Near! **

Well, the end of cheap pre-registration for Midwest FurFest 2005, anyway.
Yes, after September 30 pre-registration jumps from $30 to $40, so if
you're going to pre-register, now is the time to do it!

Speaking purely hypothetically, since we're sure you're rushing to
register right now, if you don't pre-register by September 30, does that
mean you can't attend the convention? Of course not! We will continue to
accept mail-in registrations until November 1 and online registrations
until November 13. And you can always just come to the convention and
register at the door. But if you want to pre-register and save ten bucks,
well, you'll have to do it by Friday, September 30!

Just think of what you can buy in the Dealers Room with the ten bucks
you've saved. Or in the Artists Alley. Or that's ten bucks that you could
donate to our charity, Wildlife in Need. Heck, you could even walk to one
of the many nearby restaurants and get a meal with that ten bucks. So
pre-register now and make your plans on how to best spend the ten dollars
that you so wisely saved!

Online registration and mail-in forms are available at

** Rooms Going Fast! **

Midwest FurFest is less than sixty days away, and rooms are beginning to
fill up quickly. If you haven't made your room reservation, now is the
time! When calling the hotel to make your reservation, here are a few

* You can call (847) 605-1234 (and mention that you're with Midwest
Furfest) at any time to make your reservation, but the odds of getting
one of the friendly and clueful staff at the Hyatt Regency Woodfield are
best if you call during regular business hours. Calling outside of
business hours increases your chances of getting transferred to the
national reservation line, and frankly some of the people there don't
seem like they're all that well rested to us.

* If you call and are told that there are no rooms available at the con
rate, our block may temporarily be out of the specific room type you're
asking for (smoking, king, double, etc.). We've still got plenty of all
types of rooms, but as things pick up, the hotel's inventory may start
getting low. If this happens, please email and we'll
do our best to get rooms added to the block.

** Midwest FurFest Has a New Charity! **

This year, we will be joined by Wildlife in Need from Woodstock, IL. WIN
is a rescue and rehabilitation center that serves the Northwest suburbs
of Chicago (specifically McHenry County). They are a small,
volunteer-run charity, and are thrilled to be invited to Midwest FurFest
this year. Please start checking your closet, your garage, or anywhere
you can for possible Charity Auction donations. Your donations will make
a huge difference to them!

** The Dealers Room Is Full! **

The Dealers Room has been filled and there is a waiting list. As always,
we have a mix of old favorites and new dealers, all eager to separate you
from your money. Check out the MFF website for a list of dealers who will
be at this year's convention.

** There Is Still Room In The Art Show **

We are still looking for artists! The mail-in program has been adjusted
to make it more efficient, and if you were discouraged from mailing in
before, please see our new rules on our website. We have extended our
deadline for mail-in art to October 10th to encourage artists to apply
and give perspective mail in artists a chance to reserve space.

First-run Art Show attendees will still be receiving their paperwork at
the beginning to mid-October, as previously announced.

** Artists Alley Is Changing **

Artists Alley is making some new changes this year. These include a
larger room, a larger number of buttons available, and a special reserved
area for button holders. The things you loved will still stay the same,
though! Buttons are still only $15, we have plenty of first-come,
first-served seating, and we will open early and close (very) late!

For more information, see the Artists Alley rules posted at
If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

** Can It Be? Midwest FurFest Has Fursuit Badges! **

For the first time ever, fursuit badges will be available at Midwest
FurFest! They will be available for $5 each, with the proceeds going
directly to our charity this year, Wildlife in Need.

We are asking that photos be submitted prior to the convention so you
will be able to get the most out of the badges with your fursuiting time.
The pictures should be submitted in a JPG, GIF, or PNG format and should
include your character name. Submissions should be sent to no later than October 21st.

Fursuit badges will be available in the Headless Lounge during the
convention; we will announce exactly when they will be available as the
convention draws closer.

PLEASE NOTE: These badges will not be a substitute for your Convention
Badge, which will need to be worn at all times, even while in suit, to
get into convention spaces.

** Programming Will Spark Your Interest! **

There will be some exciting new events in this years program! We're also
scheduling a vast array of panels and events on all programming tracks.

We are looking for competent people who would like help out, though. If
you have any ideas for panels or would like to help out on a panel,
please send an email to IMMEDIATELY so we can get
this information included in this year's convention book. Our deadline to
get information into the convention book is coming up quickly, so try to
let us know as soon as possible. Look below for the types of panels that
the different tracks are requesting and if you can help out in any way,
please let us know!

- The Art & Literature track is looking for artists who wish to participate in
any kind of artwork related panel.
- The Nature track is looking for people who have worked with animal research or
sanctuary programs to participate in panel discussions.
- The Constructed Fuzziness Track-Fursuiting is looking for panelists to fill
positions on mega fursuit panels and other fursuit related panels.
- The Constructed Fuzziness Track-Puppetry is wondering if you have a puppet and
are interested in performing? We are looking for performers for the puppet
- The Techie Track is looking for presenters for web related or other furry
related tech items.
- The Fandom Track is looking for people who would like to help run panels.

While the Video track may have a shortened schedule this year, however, there
will still be many of your old favorites as well as some new videos. Of course,
we will still have Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday night.

** The Furry Variety Show Will Make You Laugh! **

Would you like to perform in a fursuit skit? The Furry Variety show wants you!
Send email to to get on the FVS mailing list so we can fit
your skit into our plans.

** We Have Mailing Lists For You! **

Midwest FurFest has two mailing lists available: MFF-Announce is for official
announcements only. You should receive only a few messages per month maximum
from this list.

MFF-Talk is a discussion list, a place to ask questions or talk about Midwest
FurFest. The number of messages on this list will depend on the subscribers.
There is also a digest format available for this list.

You can subscribe to any of these lists by emailing with any
subject, and in the message put:

subscribe mff-announce -or-
subscribe mff-talk -or-
subscribe mff-talk-digest

When you subscribe to either list, information will be sent to you on how to
unsubscribe, should you wish to do so later. 'Major' (Majordomo) is an automated
process, you should not send mail to 'major' other than subscribe, unsubscribe,
and other commands that will be explained in your welcome message. Any questions
about 'Major' may be directed to

That's all for now! Tune in again next month when we bring you all the latest
and greatest news from Midwest FurFest!

Midwest FurFest & this newsletter are productions of Midwest Furry Fandom, Inc.,
(c) 2005


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