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Midwest FurFest November Newsletter

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Midwest FurFest Newsletter: November 2005

It's only three weeks until Midwest FurFest and everyone is working hard to make this our best convention yet!

In This Issue:
The Hotel Is Filling Up Fast
Last Chance To Mail In Your Registration
Programming: We've Got A Busy Weekend For You!
The Dealers Room Awaits Your Money
Artists Alley: Bigger and Better Than Ever!
Call For Puppeteers
Exciting Doings In The Video Room
**The Hotel Is Filling Up Fast**

The Hyatt Regency Woodfield has graciously extended the deadline for our room block, but you'd better make your reservations as quickly as possible! Unfortunately, there are no more rooms with double beds available, only kings. To make your reservation, call the Hyatt directly at (847) 605-1234; see our website at for more information. If you run into any problems making your reservation, contact our Hotel Liaison at

**Last Chance To Mail In Your Registration**

You mean you haven't pre-registered yet? Please remember that mail-in registrations must be postmarked no later than November 1, 2005! We cannot be held responsible for any registrations mailed after that date. You can still pre-register online at until 11:59 PM on Sunday, November 13.

Note that while Midwest FurFest uses Paypal for online payment processing, a Paypal account is not required to register. Simply use your Visa or Mastercard and you'll have no problems. Also, please remember that any registration information that is entered online and is not accompanied by payment will be deleted, and you will need to register again at the door.

As always, you can find answers to many common questions at

**We've Got A Busy Weekend For You! **

Our Programming staff has been working feverishly to put together a schedule with something for everyone. You will be able to inspect the fruits of their labors by early next week since that is when the event schedule and programming panels will be posted to the Midwest FurFest website. Keep an eye on the site and the usual channels for announcements when the schedule goes up.

**The Dealers Room Awaits Your Money**

We're going to have a Dealers Room that is jam-packed with many of the familiar faces you know and love plus some new dealers as well! Be sure to check out the list of dealers on the Midwest FurFest website at

**Artists Alley: Bigger and Better Than Ever! **

The Artists Alley rules and information on our website has been updated and expanded. We have many new and exciting things happening this year! Most importantly, we're pleased to announce that Artists Alley will be in a new room, much bigger than the one in the past! Also, because you asked for it, we're staying open well into the evening Friday and Saturday night. For more information, check out

**Call For Puppeteers**

Puppetry is alive and well at Midwest FurFest! Got a puppet and looking to perform? Simply e-mail Wildfox at and he will get you set up. We're going to have two puppet shows this year and the more performers we get, the better!

**Exciting Doings In The Video Room**

The Video Room is planning on bringing you many great features and short films, including many not screened before at Midwest FurFest. Highlights this year include great representatives of Canadian, American, and Japanese animation. Refer to the Pocket Program at the convention for details!

That's all for now! We hope to see you in a few short weeks. Have fun and travel safely!

Midwest FurFest & this newsletter are productions of Midwest Furry Fandom, Inc.,
(c) 2005


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