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Call for support on the art book.

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Some folks know I've been working on a book for SFA that is a manual of how to draw furry art for beginners who want to learn but don't know where or how to start.

The pre-orders came in from Diamond distributors, and they were not enough to pay for the printing.

I've been given an option however.
If I can cover the balance of the printing costs, SFA will still do the book and cover the associated costs.
Thats about $800 I need.

Both myself and Mike Curtis are confident the book will sell well at conventions once the word gets around, so I want to proceed on this.
(I actually beat out a fair number of non-furry indie books in numbers of orders- a solid third of the print run.)

I've never done this before, but I am going to set out a donations can on my dealer's room table at the con and ask for help to get this book out.
I believe this book will be of great material benefit to the fandom as a whole, so its a worthy cause.
I also want to do something for contributors to the cause, though so far all I have thought of is a special thank you in the credits of the book itself to anyone making a large donation. (I got the word on this last night, so I haven't exactly had time to work on the details yet...)

FC will be the determining point on whether or not the book is printed- I have until the first of March to raise the cash, but the con itself will be where I get an indication of whether or not we can swing the finances to bring this book out.

I've done tutorials on how to draw before and gotten nothing but positive and enthusiastic responses from furrs who tell me they learned more from the one 9 step lesson I did on Planetfurry than they did from any other source they have ever found.
So I know I can teach and teach well.

Its a worthy cause my friends, and as the book has already appeared in the december issue of Diamond's catalog, you KNOW its legit.

Other ideas for fundraising are welcome at this time- bearing in mind I do not know if I have time to draw up any art for special auctions at the con on such short notice.

No Paypal, please.
I have not used the account in years and do not even remember my login info- I do not know if the account is still viable.
So I would not be able to recover any money sent there.

Thank you.



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