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Netzine update: TSAT

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Quentin Long here. I'm not just editor and webmaster of the netzine ANTHRO; I've also got a second netzine. It's called TSAT, and while its primary focus is transformations, there's enough overlap between TF and Furry that the zine has nonetheless managed to garner two Ursa Major Award nominations; one in its own right, for Best Zine, and the other, Best Novel, for Raven Blackmane's ECCE FEMINA (which appeared in TSAT #25).
Anyway, a new issue of TSAT (#44) is uploaded for your reading pleasure. The bits of greatest interest to furries are likely to be the latest installment of serials THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL, a TBP mega-story involving direct conflict between SCABs and bigoted norms; another TBP serial, RUNNING WILD, in which a near-insane cheetahmorph is finally getting the help he needs -- if he can survive the experience; and THE RIGHTS OF THE TRANSFORMED, a "point-counterpoint" examination of how US law might regard non-human sentient creatures.

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