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Bad Dog Books offers two books through, discounted

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The first two titles from Bad Dog Books that have been made available through, are available for pre-order at a substantial discount: $13.57 as opposed to the normal $19.99.

The first is White Crusade, an anthropomorphic science fiction novel by Ben Goodridge. Set 500 years after Man's downfall, this book follows Tay of the Wolf-Clan, whose principles of harmony and peace for the betterment of his tribe are put to the test when a technology-worshiping cult sweeps the remnants of what once was the United States.

The second is ROAR Volume 1, an anthology of anthropomorphic science fiction stories by a variety of furry authors, including Kevin Frane, Altivo Overo, Whyte Yoté, Rincewind and others.

Because the discount is offered by and not Bad Dog Books, BDB can provide no information as to how long this discount will remain in effect!

These titles are listed as 'preorders' and will be shipped as soon as has completed their administration in their stock.

For more information, visit


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