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"CLAW, Volume 1", a new anthology series, edited by K.C. Alpinus

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For the first time in eleven years, Bad Dog Books has added a new anthology title to its popular FANG and ROAR book series. FANG was started in 2005 for adult M/M homosexual erotic short stories, and ROAR appeared two years later as its non-erotic counterpart. Now we're getting CLAW, for adult F/F lesbian erotic short stories. Along with many other titles, CLAW will be released at the FurPlanet table at Anthrocon 2018.

A red panda DJ rocks a dance crowd.

Bad Dog Books was started in Amsterdam in 2005 by Alex Vance. The original name of the publisher was Osfer's Joint Publications, whose flagship title was the FANG series ("The little black book of furry fiction"), which focused on anthropomorphic homoerotica. A year later, the imprint was re-named to Bad Dog Books, and the ROAR series ("The little white book of furry fiction") began to publish literate, non-erotic furry fantasy.

Both titles were marketed in the U.S., along with BDB's other books, by FurPlanet Productions. But Alex Vance had health problems, and it was logistically awkward for him to run a furry specialty publisher with long-distance sales to customers in the U.S. So in late 2011, he sold Bad Dog Books to FurPlanet, with the stipulation that each year, FurPlanet would continue to publish volumes of FANG and ROAR under the BDB imprint. In 2013, FurPlanet expanded the Bad Dog Books imprint to include all their electronic book sales.

As of 2018, FurPlanet Productions feels that feminine participation in furry fandom has grown to the point that there's a viable market for adult F/F erotic fiction. CLAW is intended to be an ongoing 18+ short fiction anthology. The back cover reads:

Sugar. Spice. And all things nice.

A pair of girls at a rave, dancing the night away. Two role-players who have more than just a passing interest in each other when it comes to the games that they play. A super villain who is out to foil the goody two-shoes heroine. Maybe even a tale as old as time with a few new kinks and twists.

Thirteen authors have come together to create this collection of hot tales that show what happens when the ladies take the center stage. They've come to turn a few heads while strutting their stuff and throwing caution to the wind.

The authors in the inaugural volume of CLAW include many furry-fan favorites (of both genders) such as Dwale, Madison Keller, and Skunkbomb, plus several newcomers who, hopefully, will become regular furry-fan writers.


  • Contextual Intercourse, by Erin Quinn
  • The Beating of Wild Hooves, by Dwale
  • The Church Mouse, by Madison Keller
  • Tempered, by Crimson Ruari
  • A Simple Wager, Holly A. Morrison
  • Support, by Kristina "Orrery" Tracer
  • She Who Wears the Mask, by Tenza
  • Trophy Hunting, by BlueSeiryuu
  • The True Villain, by Dark End
  • Smokey and the Jaybird, by Slip Wolf
  • Frontier Living, by Jeeves Bunny
  • Roses, by Searska Greyraven
  • The Tutor Learns, by Skunkbomb

CLAW's first volume is edited by K.C. Alpinus, with cover art by Teagan Gavet. It's a paperback, 266 pages, $19.95 USD, ISBN 9781614504436. As with FANG, you must state that you are of legal age to purchase it.


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Not sure if I'm really a "furry-fan favorite" but it's awfully nice to hear either way.

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