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Pre-ordering FIRST BOOK OF LAPISM: Correcting an error

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Quentin 'Cubist ' Long here. Last week, I announced a special pre-order deal for THE FIRST BOOK OF LAPISM, by Phil Geusz... and I made a mistake. When I calculated the postage for this deal, I was counting the number of *pages* in the book... but what matters for postage is mass, and that means counting the number of *sheets of paper* in the book.
In other words, I overestimated how much it would cost to ship the thing to most places on the planet (US pre-orders will be shipped via Media Mail, hence aren't affected by my error).
Fortunately, this means I can cut the cost on FIRST BOOK OF LAPISM pre-orders... and that's what this here message is about! The book is still going to be on sale on 1 June 2009, and anybody who pre-orders it *before* 1 June 2009 is still going to receive a copy which has been personally autographed by the author, Phil Geusz himself; all that's changed is the cost.
And yes, the contents of THE FIRST BOOK OF LAPISM haven't changed. The book will contain these four tales...

* DRAMA CLASS, the story of one of the first people born into the faith.
* FULL IMMERSION, about what happens to a man who converted to Lapism for all the wrong reasons.
* SCHISM, the tale of Lapism's first major crisis.
* IN THE BEGINNING, in which you'll discover intimate secrets of how and why Lapism came to be.

...and the way you get your hands on a copy is also unchanged. All you need do is send the pre-order price via PayPal *before 1 June 2009* to cubist[at]aol[dot]com; when the book is released, we'll print up a copy that Phil Geusz will autograph especially for you!

USD $20 ($15 + $5 shipping/handling) for residents of the United States
USD $26 ($15 + $11 s/h) for residents of Canada
USD $32 ($15 + $17 s/h) for residents of Mexico
USD $35 ($15 + $20 s/h) for residents of all other nations

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get an autographed first edition of a book by one of furdom's finest authors. Can you afford to miss it?



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