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Amazon tag creates new furry novel list

Edited as of Sun 27 Dec 2009 - 03:57
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The Furry Novel List by Dave Farrance has not been updated since 2001.[1] As a result there has not been an up-to-date source for published works relating to the fandom. Many novels on the list are now long out of print and difficult to find.

However, users of the system of tagging products are creating an alternative. So far, 22 users have marked 90 novels, non-fiction works, CDs and DVDs with the tag furry. Searching for this tag displays products of interest to the fandom.

Items currently tagged as furry include:

Other tags of interest include anthropomorphic and furry fandom.

As more items are tagged by users, the results of searching for furry on Amazon could become a new Furry Novel List. Although not as comprehensive as the original, the Amazon system provides links to products currently available for purchase.


  1. Archived copy of the Furry Novel List


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