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Gorillaz create 'Journey to the East' for BBC Olympics coverage

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Monkey (HQ version)

BBC Sport has unveiled a title animation featuring several anthropomorphic animals as part of their coverage of the Beijing Olympics.[1]

Created by Jamie Hewlett, illustrator of the virtual band Gorillaz and with music by Gorillaz creator Damon Albarn, the animation is based on Journey to the West; an ancient Chinese tale of pilgrimage to retrieve Buddhist scriptures which mixes adventure, allegory, and spiritual enlightenment. Both band members were born in the Year of the Monkey, and were fans of the British TV series Monkey.[2][3]

Depicted in the animation are lead characters S?n Wùk?ng, the Monkey King, and his golden-banded staff; Xuánzàng the monk; Zh? B?jiè (or Pigsy), once field marshal of the Milky Way, wielding his rake; and Sh? Wùjìng (Sandy), an immortal banished from heaven for smashing a crystal goblet, with his monk's spade.

The same story inspired elements of manga and anime such as Dragon Ball, InuYasha, and Ranma ½.

Sports featured include the hammer throw, hurdling, javelin, high bar, diving, taekwondo, and pole vault.


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