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Poink T. Ferret for sale

Edited as of Wed 5 Oct 2011 - 02:18
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Poink has been significantly modified over the years

Regular Funday PawPet Show cast member Poink T. Ferret has been put up for auction by his owner, Jackrabbit.[1][2]

The pawpet - originally a Folkmanis design - has been modified over the years to include balloons, ping-pong balls, and red LED eyes. He was shaved by Uncle Kage during its last visit to Anthrocon, and currently wears hair implants.

The final bid was $237.50. Shipping costs were not specified.

The Funday PawPet Show is a four-hour live talk show presented by hand-puppet and broadcast over the Internet on Sunday nights. Poink is usually present at the lower right corner of the screen. 336 shows have been performed as of 17 June, and over a hundred people regularly log into the show's IRC channel during broadcast.


  1. eBay item 270136715245 - Poink 2.4
  2. Poink 2.4 - Poink T. Weasel's LiveJournal


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