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'My Little Pony' fan erotica magazine tops $1000 at auction

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Hoof BeatA copy of My Little Pony-themed erotica magazine Hoof Beat created by "popular furry artists" has been bid up to four figures at auction, with one day to go.

Two regular FurBuy users ran the price up to $826 over two days before new bidders joined in.

Another copy was recently sold for $150 on eBay, where the creators are listed as Sunshy, Wind Driven, Leche, Flanks and Don't Ask Spike.

The 58-page 10 5/8"x7 3/4" softcover colour work, produced in a print run of 200, was originally sold for $25 at Anthrocon 2012 via the Club Stripes table.

Three comics are included, plus a number of pin-ups.

The demand has caused other fans to put their copies up on FurBuy, with one selling for $305.


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"originally sold ... at Anthrocon 2012". Do the Bronies know about this yet? Considering all of the "MLP IS NOT ANTHROPOMORPHIC!" comments on Equestria Daily when MLP-FIM won an Ursa Major Award, some Bronies are probably stampeding our way right now to trample us into fudge.

Fred Patten

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The auction appears to have been discussed on Tumblr, including promotion in pony-related blogs. This was likely how the new bidders arrived. It was probably promoted to Club Stripes customers; I don't know if anyone else knew of it.

Judging by one auction discussion at FA, some furs feel the same way about ponies, but there's significant overlap between the groups. Clearly, the creators felt there was sufficient demand within furry fandom to print 200 copies.

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I see a price increase in this magazine's selling cost now that they see how much people are willing to pay.

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My understanding is that they sold out at the convention and are (perhaps wisely) not planning to print more.

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Looks like they decided a second issue was in order, however.

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Wow, I wish I noticed this at AC... I probably could use the cash from a resell :P

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I hope Hasbro comes down on them .
Just what we need more furries taking something innocent and turning it into porn.

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Wow. This has a score of less than 3 (before my vote) while the article about Blotch's painting being auctioned has 4.7. Apparently there are a lot of anti-bronies here. Also even if there is a good reason to debate whether or not MLP is anthropomorphic you just look at the image there and see this magazine has anthropomorphic ponies.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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Well, it's also pornography. Not everyone likes that. The piece you mention was also about an original work.

It's possible to read too much into a rating from two or three people.

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Hasbro, if you're reading this, make a MLP movie, and not more fucking crap like Battleship.

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No, please don't. You oversaturated us with MLP:FIM.

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Wow, good for the seller. Furbuy does nothing at all to encourage payment, it seems to be on buyer's honor to follow through. I hope things work out all right.

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Not sure if good or bad submission.

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Bad. So very naughty and bad. ;)

I mean, I don't pay much attention to porn art because I like to get out of the house, but I have to secretly admit that art looks hot, LOL. Not a G worth of fap, but I guess it is to someone. I like that this is now a real thing you can point to as someone's crazy idea of a g-fap.

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The ponies talk and act just like humans. Therefore they qualify as antrho. End of discussion.

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Ahahahahahahahah! Boy, are you an optimist!

Fred Patten

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How to tick off a brony:

"Well I heard you like a furry show, that's kind of cool."

"Excuse me?"

"My little pony, that show with the furry horses."

"They aren't furry, they're just ponies."

"...That talk and congregate like people."

"So? They're still not furry, they're just ponies, big difference ... forget it... So, man, are you a brony?"

"Nope, I'm a fan of My Little Pony."

"That means you're a brony."

"No it doesn't, that makes me a fan of a television show called My Little Pony."

"That's a brony!"

"No, that's just a fan of My Little Pony, big difference."

"...WHAT! There is no difference."

"Sure there is, one is a fan of a television show, the other is a brony."

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In case FurBuy takes down its auction record in the future, is it worth noting these final statistics?

Category: Books/Comics : Adult/Sexual Content Auction Closed
Seller: Flynn (0) (More...) High Bidder: ZeroFische (0)
Opening Bid: $25.00 Current Bid: $1025.00
Quantity: 1 Total Bids: 38 (Bidding History)
Bid Increment: Standard
Reserve Status: No Reserve Shipping from: Chicago, IL
Auction Start: Jun-24-12 08:50:29 PDT Auction Ends: Jul-8-12 20:50:29 PDT
(or 60 minutes after last bid)

Fred Patten

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I am so surprised that Hasbro, The Hub, and Lauren Faust aren't rampaging about this and calling for an immediate cease and desist!

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If some parents found out their kid somehow got their hands on one they certainly are... or maybe run across an article about one selling for 1,000 dollars.

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That kind of information is too easy and too quick to find, especially with parents that hunt for that kind of thing. It will get out, and there will be serious hell to pay.

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I doubt it.

There's been an enormous amount of r34 material about ponies ever since FiM debuted (and quite a lot of gruesomely disturbing material that isn't porn, too). If anything, this publication sounds like it's relatively tame by comparison.

If anything triggers a C&D, it'll be the fact that this particular publication is making non-trivial amounts of money, not its content. However, a) Hasbro doesn't seem to care much about FiM-related merchandise aimed at adults, and b) unlike most fan-made material, this publication takes pains to _not_ use the FiM-ponies' names. As long as they avoided using the words "cutie-mark" (which is probably also owned by Hasbro), takedown would actually be rather difficult, if I understand correctly.

Long story short, Hasbro hasn't gone after easier targets that are just as bad (or worse), so I doubt this will be the one that starts a firestorm.

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Get it while you still can.

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And note that, to date, the winner hasn't paid up.

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I guess Iceman will get it for $1000, then. He seems to be a very regular purchaser.

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Related: This auction of a pony plushie with a SPH (coverage at Daily Dot).

Apparently it's not the only one (the newer one incorporates a Bad Dragon toy).

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Things like this make me laugh more than anything.

For example, when I noticed the panties hanging off of Rarity's face, I giggled loudly enough and for long enough that my mother came to investigate...prompting an awkward conversation about why there were scantily-clad animals on my screen...

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Are You On Deavant Art I Swear I Saw This On Deviantart

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