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Finally, after a long wait: 'Tai-Pan Universe #51'

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tp51-52-medium.pngTales of the Tai-Pan Universe #51, a furry science-fiction shared-universe fanzine that was announced in July 2015 as coming soon is finally here. It came out in July 2016, and is a double issue: #51 & #52. With a glossy cover and square binding, it feels more like a book than a fanzine.

As editor Gene Breshears describes it,

We're calling it a double issue, but at 162 pages and with 20 stories, issue 51-52 contains more than four ordinary issues' worth of tales!

It's available for $15 from Rabbit Valley, or from the Tai-Pan Literary and Arts Project. Back issues can be ordered, too - again from Rabbit Valley and also from Second Ed, at a discount. But the news isn't all good...

After 28 years, this is the final printed issue. Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe was one of the more popular and reliable printed furry fanzines of the 1990s, but literature and reading in the fandom has shifted to websites.

The Tai-Pan Universe has also had to deal with the increasing complexity of its 36th-century furry storylines of interstellar travel. With over a hundred contributions by different authors, making sure that all the details, references, and characterizations are consistent – plus getting illustrations made, all on a volunteer basis – has made it too difficult to schedule further issues.

However, this isn't the end of the Tai-Pan Universe! Gene explains,

So while this issue represents the final paper edition of the Tai-Pan fanzine, the project isn't ending. We have more stories in progress. Some will be published on the Tai-Pan web site. Some will be made available in other media.

There are plans to release a second omnibus edition.


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That's one long ass tail.

Well, I'll be...

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Does anyone know what happened to the taipan website?

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Perhaps Gene Breshears knows? The last version archived dates from 2019-Feb 2020. The Twitter account last updated in August 2020. One of the replies it made refers to Discord, so maybe they moved there.

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Ahh. That would make it difficult to try and acquire books then, but makes sense in that money would be saved from hosting a website I suppose.

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