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2017 Ursa Major Awards nominations to open

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Nominations for the 2017 Ursa Major Awards will open on January 11, the first day of Further Confusion 2018. The awards celebrate the best anthropomorphic literature and art first published during the previous calendar year.

Find out more details at how to participate at our webpage:

The awards are selected through a two-stage process of nomination and voting. Members of the public send in up to five nominations in each of the twelve categories. The top nominations in each category are then presented for a public vote.

Award categories

  • Motion Picture
  • Dramatic Short Work or Series
  • Novel
  • Short Fiction
  • Other Literary Work
  • Non-Fiction Work
  • Graphic Story
  • Comic Strip
  • Magazine
  • Published Illustration
  • Game
  • Website

Many nominations are likely to come from the ALAA’s Recommended Anthropomorphics List, which has been built up through prior suggestions; however, inclusion on the list is not necessary nor sufficient for a work to be nominated.

Nominations close on February 15, and will be tallied during the end of February. The final ballot will be announced on March 1 and voting will take place until the end of March. All those who register for nominations may use the same registration key to vote in the final ballot. Those people who did not send in nominations may still vote on the final ballot. The ballots will be counted, the trophies made, and the results will be announced at the award presentations in Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland, at Furry Down Under (FurDU) 2018, scheduled for May 4-6.

It is important to note that the nominations period has been shortened to only the first half of February, instead of the entire month of February as is usual. This is so the final ballot may be concluded at the end of March.

The awards are sponsored by the independent Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association.


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I notice that you had left off fursuit from the list, I know that's a new category this year, but it looks like there is still only one on the recommended list.

Is the category canceled or is the one fursuit that entered going to win uncontested (given that it's the one category that needs to have the nominees on the recommended list)?

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The category has been cancelled. Due to the nature of the category, substantiating information was required which only one person supplied since the category was created. Therefore, because of apparent lack of interest, "Fursuit" has been dropped from qualifying for nominations and will not be on the Recommended List for 2018.

Fred Patten

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It’s too bad, because there had been so many requests for years for a Best Fursuit category. But the nature of such a category required a lot more information for any entry – the name of the fursuit, the name of the wearer, the name of the maker, where the fursuit was worn, etc. – and people just didn’t provide that.

Fred Patten

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Well on the plus side, a furry won the Blizzcon cosplay contest this year.

So I would say she won fursuit of the year by default:

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To be honest, this is the kind of thing which should be evaluated in person. Which is why conventions are probably a better place to do it, as with fursuit dance competitions, or Further Confusion's Masquerade.

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Okay, so with the Ursa Majors, you can totally change your vote if you change your mind and voted early.

I bring this up because another sex abuse scandal was reported on the last day of Oscar nominations, and one of the likely Best Actor nominees (James Franco) was accused; early voters who didn't know and liked the performance but now maybe wouldn't like to cast their vote for an accused sex abuser are stuck with their pick.

So, get your shit together, Academy; the Ursas know what they're doing.

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James Franco has done pretty awful things, most of which belong to his actual professional career.

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