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2015 Ursa Major Award winners announced

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Ursa Major Awards 2015 winners The results of the 2015 Ursa Major Awards were announced at a presentation ceremony at What the Fur 2016 in Montreal, Quebec on May 20, 2016. 1,157 people voted.

Best Anthropomorphic Motion Picture

  • Inside Out (Directed by Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen; June 19)


Best Anthropomorphic Short Film or Series


  • We Bare Bears (Directed by Manny Hernandez; Season 1 episode 1 to episode 25, July 27 to November 19)
  • Danger Mouse (Directed by Robert Cullen; Season 1 episodes 1-16)
  • Tiger’s Eye (Audio Drama Podcast) (Directed by Alexander Shaw; episodes 1 to 25, May 13 to October 29)
  • Littlest Pet Shop (Directed by Joel Dickie and Steven Garcia; Season 3 episode 17 to Season 4 episode 9)
  • Harvey Beaks (Directed by C. H.Greenblatt; Season 1 March 29 to November 15)

Best Anthropomorphic Novel


Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction


Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work


Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story


Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip


Best Anthropomorphic Magazine


Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration


Best Anthropomorphic Game


Best Anthropomorphic Website


  • e621. (Furry fandom art community site)
  • SoFurry. (Furry artist/writer community)
  • WikiFur. (General furry information/history)
  • Culturally F’d. (YouTube Channel; furry videos)

Best wishes;

Fred Patten, ALAA Secretary


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FurAffinity wins! Congratulations! Now continue trying to solve the current massive problems with your site.

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This is my problem with Ursa Majors (and most voting awards). FA keeps getting voted as best website. I'm just hoping those who voted for it see the irony of calling it best website when two different vulnerabilities get it it taken down, data lost, passwords leaked and more. Either that or we need higher standards.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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I would have figured the assclowns who keep nominating and voting for MLP would have been a bigger issue with the Ursa Majors.

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Why? MLP is animal anthro, more so than other stuff on the list

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As one of the assclowns, I don't especially see a problem with it.

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Thanks… now I can't help thinking of this as the title to a Chuck Tingle story: Send In The Clowns To My Little Pony Ass.

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In general, as far as movies go at least, 2015 had a real shortage of films that were both really good and really anthropomorphic (in the "furry" sense) at the same time. Compare that to THIS year...!

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We Bare Bears and Danger Mouse were well up there. Heck, The Bedfellows put out an episode last year, and even that's better drawn and animated than the extended toy commercial that won.

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Inside Out IMO barely qualifies as anthropomorphic. As bad as it was The Good Dinosaur should have won. Either that or Shaun the Sheep but I haven't seen that one.

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I agree; and the co-director of "Inside Out" is Pete Docter, not Doctor. I'm sure that I spelled his name correctly.

I've seen all three movies, and the other two are much more anthro than "Inside Out" unless you consider the emotions as anthropomorphized. But Bing Bong, the imaginary friend, is certainly anthro.

Fred Patten

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It was wrong in the ballot post, which I copied links from (wasn't going to retype all that).
Though you probably spelt it right when submitting that, too!

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The Good Dinosaur was boring. Not deserving of a prize. I'd like to see The Peanuts Movie, I heard it's a love letter to the original Peanuts.

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Almost all of the reviews of "The Good Dinosaur" raved about how realistic the Rocky Mountains background scenery looked. Almost nothing was said about the characters or the plot.

At least I watched "The Good Dinosaur" to the end, instead of getting bored and giving up on it halfway through. But I never cared much for Schulz's comic strip, either. "Inside Out" was both interesting and original, if not very anthropomorphic (except for depicting the emotions as humans, and Bing Bong).

Fred Patten

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The bizarre thing about The Good Dinosaur is that it made absolutely no sense for it to even have dinosaurs at all. It's just a story about a family of farmers on the Western Frontier. It would be like if Dances with Wolves for no reason was about komodo dragons. WHHHYYYY!?

Shaun the Sheep Movie was excellent on a technical level, as are all Aardman stop-motion animated productions. But it's the usual cliche story of "characters from the country travel to the big city for reasons and then shenanigans happen". The fact that the characters don't speak also limits the story somewhat. It was a bit of fun but not worth seeking out unless you particularly like Aardman animation. Of if you have kids who like Shaun the Sheep.

Peanuts Movie was great. Not perfect, the pacing could drag at times, but it pulled my heartstrings. I thought the old art style was superbly translated into CGI and the Red Baron flying scenes were spectacular. I also think Snoopy came across better as an anthro character than Inside Out's Bing Bong, because of his expressionate personality and humour. If I had to pick a favourite anthro film from the list, Peanuts Movie would be mine.

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unless you consider the emotions as anthropomorphized

They are literally anthropomorphic.

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I do consider the feelings in Inside Out as anthropomorphic, even if it was done abstractly compared to other stories.

I've seen all the movies nominated except for Shaun the Sheep. Ignoring that one, I feel like Inside Out deserves its win.

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I would have picked Shaun the Sheep over The Good Dinosaur, considering that TGD was one of the worst movies Pixar ever came up with, and I saw Monsters University...

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Has Funny Farm ever been nominated for best webcomic?

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It made the recommended list every year from 2005 to 2008, but it didn't get a UMA nomination any of those years.

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