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Speaking of facepalming, I want to suggest that future image-posting in the comments (and, if possible, in the post) is automatically minimized in embed size for thread readability.

Perhaps clicking on an embedded image should open it up in full size in a Lightbox effect (and, if the user desires it, in a new tab).

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It's probably easier to do that in the posts than in the comments. I don't have any image upload facility exposed currently, but there are plenty of options available. There don't seem to be any modules that take img tags in posts and thumbnail them. Did you have a particular script/module in mind?

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According to the page for Lightbox2 on

"HTML Content Support: ability to show websites or other HTML content in a lightbox."..."Automatic Image Detection: configurable automatic re-formatting of image node thumbnails, previews, etc, so there is no need to add 'rel="lightbox"' to each image node link on your site."

Also, imagecache+imagefield+a few other modules work for thumbnailing of images, but they only work for uploads, not external embeds.

My best advice, in that case, is to use CKeditor for comment formatting, since its a WYSIWYG editor with easier user-side options for external embedded image sizing, while also using Lightbox2 for image thumbnail presentation (both external and uploaded). Of course, adding CKeditor may require a bit more comment moderation, as bots could take advantage of CKeditor for spamming the comments section.

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Lightbox2 needs a new release. I'll consider it at that point, though I'm not sure there's much use for it unless the site gets a lot more image-heavy.

We do have CKEditor on the site (for submitting posts), but there are incompatibilities with AJAX Comments, and I'm not entirely keen to have it appear on every page with a comment box. I will admit it's markedly improved in performance over FCKEditor, though part of that is the improvement in JS performance generally with browsers.

I'll test the next update when it comes out to see if the incompatibility with AJAX is fixed, or can be fixed by me.

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