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What sort of furry events do you attend?

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Both conventions and furmeets
43% (13 votes)
Just conventions
20% (6 votes)
Just furmeets
10% (3 votes)
I don't go to furry events
27% (8 votes)
Votes: 30


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I'm not really sure how to answer this question. What definitions of 'convention' and 'furmeet' did you have in mind? I have a general concept of what a 'convention' is but I'm not so sure about 'furmeet'. And then you run into situations like MFM which calls itself a furmeet but satisfies most peoples' idea of a convention.

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MFM's naming aside, I would tend to call a convention an event which extends for more than one day, and includes the sale of goods and some form of programming. Conversely, a furmeet is any other organized gathering of furs.

Probably the best exception that proves the rule is Howloween - while a large, annual event, it is not a convention because it does not have an "official" overnight stay and does not feature dealing. Its intent is to be a one-day party.

That's about the largest thing I'd call a furmeet. Most are significantly smaller, local events; coffee meets, bowling, etc. A convention can be small – Futrzakon and Abando spring to mind – but it has to include certain features.

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I host events for the NSF (nova Scotia Furry's)

For events we do things like

Furry Bar takeover
We pick a bar we would like to go to and after confirming with the bar owner we show up in are fursuits and just have fun drinking and goofing around.

Furry bowling

We just go bowling in are fursuits lol

Then we have a meet where we go out for food or something and talk about Furry stuff
with out are fursuits =P

We do all this once a month

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Yeah 1/3 of furs don't go to any of that! It's be cool to meet up with my fellow hermits and...

wait... then we'd be having a fur meet...


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