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Canadian man eats, sleeps, dreams bugs

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Passion can take you a long way, as Québec-based entomologist Georges Brossard explains in a BBC interview:

I'm the bug man – a real bug man. I love bugs. I sleep with them, I dream about them. I eat them. I love bugs.

The Montréal Insectarium – founded in 1990 by a 250,000-insect donation from Brossard – attracts over 350,000 visitors each year, and offers annual insect tastings.


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I think Florence Ambrose's comments on the subject say it all...

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This is why you serve them to kids when they're young.

Of course, you also have to explain what bugs not to eat . . .

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I read that once. A bit simplistic.

Eating creepy crawlies is not exactly an unusual thing in some places. They make fly burgers, even!

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True. A well-known motivational speaker sometimes asks his audience how much someone would have to pay them to eat a bowl of cockroaches. He occasionally gets an audience member who says they'd do it for free because where they come from, cockroaches are considered a delicacy.

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Of course it's simplistic, it's a kid's book, read like back in the fourth grade for English class.

Oh... the drama between me and my 4th grade English teacher, one could write a novel on that alone.

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