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Fursuit builders discuss hard realities of business

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There's an interesting discussion over at the Fursuit Lounge LiveJournal about whether you can make a realistic living as a fursuit builder.

To sum it up: You can make it work, but you'd better love the job, as it takes over your life.

From Beastcub:

so i am very happy where i am...granted i do work at least 3 hours a day, and that is when i am having an off day or otherwise feel like crap. typically i work more like 9 hours, with 12+ hour days not being uncommon.

fursuit building has LITERALLY taken over my life and house, i have a 10X10 "fur room" crammed with yards of fake fur and i took hands and tails with me when visiting family on christmas so i could sit and handsew while chatting.

but damn do i love doing this and i used to do it for fun and got yelled at for not doing chores, so now that i get paid for it i get left alone for hours on end to create stuff and my sister does the chores muahaha!

Comments to the original post have lots of tips on taxes, deductions, health insurance, and saving for retirement.


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