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Help save Radio Comix from the IRS!

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Radio ComixRadio Comix, long-standing publisher of furry comics like Furrlough and Ebin & May, is running an Indiegogo campaign to raise cash to remain in business after discovering a massive tax shortfall:

Due to a horrible oversight on the part of our (now former) accountant, we now owe a staggering amount of back taxes. The total is truly shocking, and when I first discovered it, I was ill for days. I've been working for three months with a new accountant to get everything that wasn't filed taken care of, but filing does not equal paying and now not only do these freshly filed taxes have to be paid, but there are penalties due to the late filing. I'm a firm believer in filing and paying all my taxes, and finding out I was behind was my worst nightmare come true.

I have been working with the IRS to come up with a payment plan, but if we could get a large lump sum together to pay in at one time, it would be an enormous help!

Contributor perks available include wallpapers, comics, graphic novels, and lifetime subscriptions to future Radio Comix comic book releases.

Update: Four hours in, $1500 had been pledged; by the end of the evening it was $5364.

Update 2 (March 26): The lifetime subscriptions sold out this morning. Commissions by Stan Sakai were added; within hours, six of the five on offer were somehow claimed.

According to Radio Comix publisher Elin Winkler - who's been dealing with back taxes since July 2012 - the total owed is "much, much higher" than the $4000 goal (it has now been revealed to be $40,000), and all money raised will be used solely for paying off the IRS.

Update 3 (April 25): The campaign has completed, having raised $12,170.


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Sure, I'm in for a subscription. Hope they (and I) live long enough for me to enjoy it!

For the sake of complete reporting, I should note that several artists reported having been published in Furrlough despite not having being successfully contacted regarding their submissions, and in some cases not receiving compensation for contributing. Whether these process issues have now been resolved, I cannot say, but the original artists_beware poster appears to have been left hanging. Perhaps current contributors could chime in.

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Hi, I've contributed some work to Genus Male. I received contributor copies, and once the book has paid for itself, I will get royalties/payment. The RC people are easy to contact via twitter/email.

So, for this contributor at least, my experience with RC has been pretty positive. :3

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That was probably also the work of their accountant.

Who is now, shall we say, on a permanent Furrlough.

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The lack of compensation could be. The lack of confirmation in at least one case was Winkler. I unfortunately cannot in good conscience recommend that publisher to anyone.

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Sue the accountant and his firm with him. I usually despise lawsuits. This one, if the facts are correct as stated, is however perfectly legit.

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I highly doubt this was a professional accountant firm that was let go. Probably just a fur who claimed to be good at this kind of stuff, but clearly wasn't.

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I certainly _hope_ not. I had some success as an author this year, and hired a pro accountant (CPA) to do my taxes. Cost me $150, and he saved me more than that. I post this as a sort of public service message.

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Fair enough, and I'm all for helping, but $40,000 in back taxes for a 3 person company doesn't sound like "we forgot to pay our taxes", it sounds more like, "We didn't pay taxes on a lot of cash purchases at all and got caught."

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$40,000? Oh my God...I can't even fathom how they "forgot" to the point they owed that much...

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40,000 it sounds more like throwing good money after bad. Sound more of a management problem that just a accountant problem. beside any funds they collect will be taxable, if I am correct. It time for them to find a good bankruptcy lawyer.

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Well, shit. If I wasn't spending so much on music and games I would donate something.

Well, I'll be...

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The campaign has completed, having raised $12,170.

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I got my subscription reward pack of comics a few months ago. Not sure if they've released any other comics which I should get, but then I've not read through all the ones I got yet. :-)

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Today the latest issues of Furrlough, Genus and Genus Male arrived; it looks like the subscription is working. Hopefully they've been able to cut a deal with the IRS, as given printing and shipping I imagine their margins are wafer-thin.

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