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'Penny Arcade' writer unable to envision Kyell Gold's work

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Furry publishing house Sofawolf Press got a shout-out today from Penny Arcade's Tycho, who was across the aisle from their booth at last weekend's Comic-Con:

I'm not familiar enough with Gay fiction or Furry fiction to know that they are often a package deal, and I told the guys at Sofawolf Press that I would be back to buy something, and never got the opportunity. I don't like doing that, and I feel bad.

Tycho outlined Volle (the work of award-winning author Kyell Gold) as "gay, bipedal foxes having sex in a castle," calling his inability to envision this "a failure of my imagination."


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Wait... what? I'm not quite sure I understand. Is this good is this bad, what am I not getting?

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It's probably a good thing, or at least a mildly amusing thing, but read the linked post and judge for yourself.

Penny Arcade is a popular comic in geek circles - I imagine Sofawolf are getting a lot of traffic right now, and I thought Tycho's commentary was interesting enough to note.

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I just read it. I guess it could be free advertisement for them.

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I don't think it's either really. Just an outsider who was a neighbor with a fur and said, huh, isn't that interesting? basically.

I mean, It's Penny Arcade, if you're not a Jack Thompson or a GameSpot Executive firing people over Kane and Lynch reviews, I don't think you'd earn much scorn.

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lololol. I met him at PAX East. And I can completely envision him saying that. Honestly, most people would agree. It's not until you actually tough up and read the book, and see that it's actually good.

BTW, I never have read Volle, but I can imagine, it's by KG, it's probably good...

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I just wanted to let everyone know, Kyell Gold is an amazing writer. I have read every book by him that I have been able to get my hands on so far and the book Volle(and all sequels)are some of the best books I have ever read, even with "foxes having sex in a castle", and would put his writing up against any of the best fantasy writers.I don't know if it will help get the Penny Arcade writer out of his preconceptions but I'm female (and yes a furry). Don't judge a book by it's cover, try reading it first.

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By the way this was aimed at the Penny Arcade writer... in case you couldn't tell.

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