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Brit TV station plan new furry documentary

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Channel 4 plans to release a documentary on furry families

It was once upon a daytime dreary did Mosey announce to the ukFur community that there was a television producer in our midst. Who was she? What was she doing here? And was she even real?

Only the next day did the one known as RachC4 introduce herself. Rachael Hardie of RDF Media, working on a new Channel 4 documentary series about family life... and one of the shows is going to be about – you guessed it – furries.

People were sceptical, lots of people, how could we stop another Eurotrash? Another Sex2k? Another Vanity Fair? Questions were asked, questions were answered. This was to be a FAMILY orientated documentary, shown pre-watershed, and completely devoid of anything to do with the "yiffy side" of the fandom.

This was it, this was our chance to influence how millions of people saw us. Possibly the only chance we'd ever get, sceptics were still there, but they laid low. Scared of the masses that now followed the one called Hardie.

A family documentary, about furries, how they live, what makes them wish to live this alter ego, and how they do so. More suggestions flooded in "Come to a furmeet!" one said; "Talk about therians!" another suggests; "And otherkins!" a scalie says aloud in a similar train of thought.

Soon people forgot it was a documentary about the effect furries have on family life. And became more what every furry dreams when it comes to documentaries.

The Hardie girl was legit, her email, phone numbers and information all link her directly to RDF Media. She's the real McCoy, an associate producer. One who was sympathetic to her furry friends. She has seen the bad press. And she sought to change that.

The documentary doesn't yet have a name, but if you want more info try contacting Rachael Hardie at And you can also send your views on the news to


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