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Preview clips of 'Mongrels' online

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The main characters in Mongrels (left to right): Destiny, Nelson, Kali (top), Marion (bottom) and Vince

Preview clips of BBC Three adult animal puppet sitcom Mongrels are available before the series begins on 22nd June.

Previously known under the title We Are Mongrels, the sitcom revolves around the lives of five wild animals living around the back of an inner city pup.

The characters are metrosexual fox Nelson (voiced by Rufus Jones); self-obsessed Afghan hound Destiny (Lucy Montgomery); "borderline retarded" cat Marion (Dan Tetsell); grudge-bearing pigeon Kali (Katy Brand); and Vince, a sociopathic fox whose catchphrase is "Morning c***s!"

The series, which is eight episodes long, features several guest appearances. Amongst those appearing as guests in Mongrels are Clive Anderson, Toby Anstis, Jeff Brazier, Eamonn Holmes, Scott Mills, Terry Nutkins, Chris Packham and Paul Ross.

The first episode will be shown on both BBC Three and BBC HD at 22.00 on Tuesday 22nd June.


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