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'Mongrels' nominated for two RTS Craft and Design Awards

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'Mongrels' charactersBritish puppet-based sitcom Mongrels has been nominated for two Royal Television Society (RTS) Craft and Design Awards.

The series, which revolves around the lives of five anthropomorphic animals who hang around the bin yard of a pub on the Isle of Dogs, London, has been nominated for two awards which are given within the areas of TV production. The winners will be announced on 24th November.

Production designer Simon Rogers and his team have been nominated for the award for "Production Design – Entertainment and Non-Drama". The other nominees are Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd and BBC children's comedy Hounded.

Film editor Nigel Williams and his team have also been nominated for the "Tape and Film Editing – Entertainment and Situation Comedy" award, alongside Channel 4 sitcoms Peep Show and Pete Versus Life.

Mongrels was first broadcast in summer 2010. The show stars Rufus Jones as metrosexual "urbane" fox Nelson; Lucy Montgomery as it-bitch Afghan hound Destiny; Dan Tetsell as "borderline-retarded" cat Marion; Katy Brand as aggressive pigeon Kali; and Paul Kaye as ultra-violent foul-mouthed fox Vince.

A second series of Mongrels has been commissioned.


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I wonder if they will ever show this in the US. I think it would do very well.

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They would have to adapt the jokes and political humor though, because even with my British knowledge (my mum is from NZ, and I enjoy British shows, specifically Dr. Who) there were plenty of specifically British political jokes. I doubt that even "cultured" people would get a lot of the humor, who knows though. Anything is possible.
Congrats to the creators, it really is a pretty good show.

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I don't know about not getting British jokes. After all, we get lots of American jokes and we don't always get them - why should British shows change themselves to make themselves more adaptable?

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Not saying they should change themselves (well I guess I worded my first comment poorly), I just doubt their success in the U.S.. I know that there have been a few British movies with absolutely no American humor, and none of my friends ever think that they are funny, and they usually don't do too well in the box offices. I think that TV shows would probably end up the same. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that the show would do really well in America if there was American humor.

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Shouldn't be that hard - just take out the 'u', and add a few stars and stripes.

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I've never seen the show. Is there a lot of toilet humor? If there is it could potentially do well. If there isn't they should put some in and then it would do well. I feel sad that this is what defines a lot of american humor.

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Have a look at some of the clips linked from our previous coverage and judge for yourself.

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I just watched the first episode. I liked it and thought it was funny even though im american. I think it could do well. don't worry about jokes flying over peoples heads. Just look at "Big Bang Theory". It has jokes that are much more complicated than that.

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Not saying it wasn't funny, I thought it was very funny. I didn't think about shows like Big Bang Theory though; point understood.

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I'm not sure about toilets, but the character Vince tends to have a rule which is that eveyr sentence he says has to include one word which is bleep. For reference see Vince's "Chicken Song" (also known as "F*** Chickens).

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Compared to other comedy shows, Mongrels isn't that British in humour, it's quite heavily influenced by American style shows like Family Guy, but grafted on with British cultural references.

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I've seen the entire first season (Ghods bless the Interwubs) and there were only a couple of jokes I struggled with, but I could figure out that one guy was in a boy band, and one guy was an MP. It wasn't very hard. "Mongrels" is WICKEDLY funny. I don't really think there's a humor gap; what I think is that jokes about sex with underage girls, eating little old ladies, and terrorism would be too much for "delicate American sensibilities"...

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