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Revisiting a story mentioned in the first ever Furtean Times, interest in making a furry documentary initially died down at Channel 4. However in January and February of this year a renewal was seen as media persons trampled into forums and furmeets for youth-orientated channel E4.

Jessica Bird - the ironically named producer at the newly formed Menthol TV - bombarded the UK furry community with information; including numerous posts on UKFur, plenty of emails (including some here at the Furtean Times) and even messages posted over Facebook (Which I also got one of! - Ed.) This was initially met with the usual discontent by the community, especially seeing as E4 doesn't have the cleanest of records and is generally better known for shows about sex and public humiliation (See also: Big Brother) than any form of serious documentary.

Some fears were put to rest when Bird (under the name Bird Girl) and another associate nicknamed KittyC both posted on the UKFur forums; here they reinstated what was said in the 2007 attempt that the documentary was focussed on lifestyles and not sex or fetishism. Further fears were put to rest also when over the phone interviews were conducted and positive reviews were left by furs on their encounters. Filming occurred first in London (mirroring the initial 2007 show) and an interest in seeing the NorthernFur point of view was also stated - however no organisers have yet given clearance for this to take place.

This new feature documentary has promised what the last did and more, as well as having achieved more progress in actually having the British furry community co-operate. Thanks to the positive reviews of media staff and furs alike, we can hope that we can have another documentary on the fandom that isn't about perversions, but instead about the sweet essence of that with we call fur.


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