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New book: 'Clays Beneath the Skies'

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Clays Beneath the SkiesM.C.A. Hogarth has released Clays Beneath the Skies, a short story collection featuring her furry aliens, the Jokka (who can be male, female or neuter and have a chance to change between sexes twice in their lives).

The collection includes Strange Horizons' 2002 Reader's Choice "Unspeakable," as well as four other previously published shorts and three new stories. Each is accompanied by a commissioned B&W painting. The volume also collects a glossary and chronology.

Hugo Award-winning editor Susan Marie Groppi, one of first editors to publish the Jokka stories, provides the foreword.


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>choosing their sex at will
I am getting some weird vibes from this one...

... although I do ike Rosettes and Ribbons.

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