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Gordon R. Dickson died February 2

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The Science Fiction Writers of America reports that Gordon R. Dickson, three-time Hugo award winning author of the Dragon Knight series, died on the morning of February 2 after a long illness.

Gordon R. Dickson, past president of SFWA and author of over 80 books, is probably best known for two of his Hugo-winning pieces, the novellas "Soldier, Ask Not" and "The Last Dorsai." (Dickson also won a Hugo for his novelette, "The Cloak and the Staff" and a Nebula for another novelette, "Call Him Lord.")

Dickson was also the author of the novel, The Dragon and the George in which Jim Eckert, a grad student in history, is projected into another universe, in search of his fiancee, Angie. His mind is trapped inside the body of a decidely unheroly dragon, Gorbash. With the help of the wizard, Carolinus, and the wily wolf, Aragh, Jim eventually rescues his lady love. He and Angie chose to remain in the fantasy world where, through the sequels, The Dragon Knight, The Dragon at War, The Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll, The Dragon and the Gnarly King, and The Dragon in Lyoness, Jim learns how to shape-shift between human and dragon form and continues to have adventures that romp through many cliches of folklore and fantasy.


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