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TV3's 'Swedes' Secret Life': steampunk, cosplayers, furries

Edited as of Fri 3 Feb 2012 - 01:42
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Sweden's TV3 is currently showing Svenskars Hemliga Liv - a program on the secret life of Swedes [in Swedish], featuring segments on a group of steampunk fans, a Final Fantasy cosplayer, and a fursuiter from Örebro meeting fellow fans for the first time. [tip: Emprah]

Update (15 Dec): A streaming version is available for the next few days. The furry segments are at the start, 22:40, 28:20 and 41:14.


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For GTranslate, it's actually pretty readable.

Hope to see it on YouTube.

Also, GreenReaper, can you adjust the settings so that I only get email notifications for replies to my comments/threads, not all comments/threads on the page? I only check "Replies to my comment", but I get all other comments posted as notifications in my inbox. Thanks.

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This is likely to be a function of your subscriptions settings, which is separate from the notification system (primarily useful for anonymous users). You can remove auto-subscription to stories which you comment on there, but it will be for all comments. You can also choose digest mode, which might work better if your concern is the frequency of emails.

Note that changes affect new subscriptions; your existing ones are on a separate page.

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Just edited it. Thanks!

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The show is actually streamed by TV3, although you'll have to do your own translation.

The furry segments are at the start, 22:40, 28:20 and 41:14.

I took six of the photos they showed in the second minute. They need to work on their crediting!

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