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Animorphs in Space

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So, your humble ed-otter returns from the 2012 edition of Further Confusion in Northern California, with lots of stuff to report. Including such items as…

John Van Stry is a science fiction author whose works tend to involve a lot of scientifically-created animal-people characters. Many of his novels and novellas began appearing in both paper and electronic form in 2011. A good place to start in his universe is Children of Steel, published for the Kindle last March. Here’s the description from Amazon: “Raj is just your average everyday genetically modeled and artificially created anthropomorphic worker for one of the many corporations of the future. Extensively trained and conditioned from birth he’s now indentured for the next fifty years of his life; assuming he doesn’t die first, or somehow manage to pay off his creation and training debts. Created by the corporations to deal with the harsh labor shortages of the twenty second century when humans will no longer take on the dangerous jobs Raj finds himself now in the harsh world of space exploration, trading, corporate maneuverings, and sometimes the even more dangerous fanatics that hate Raj and his fellows. No longer in safe confines of the training academies he must learn how to live and deal with both his fellow workers and the humans he encounters and not get saddled with extra bills or fines because he’s screwed up or worse yet, get ‘put down’ because he’s lost his temper one time too many. After all, it’s not like he’s human…” Other stories in the same universe include Danger Money; Lead, Follow, or Suffer the Consequences; and Dialene, the story of a female fox-morph who hooks up with the wrong crew. Here’s a current list of John Van Stry’s books that are available on Amazon in e-book format.

image c. 2011 John Van Stry


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All of John Van Stry's recent Kindle books appeared ten years ago in Yarf!, under the byline of Banner Von Truppen.

Fred Patten

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Actually Fred, none of my recent books (with the exception of parts of Dialene) have appeared in Yarf.

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Hi, thanks for the review, and only a few of my short stories appeared in Yarf, and parts of Dialene. I will probably take those short stories and a few others and put them out in a collection later this year.
Again, thanks for the kind words, and I am also available on Barnes and Nobles, Smashwords, Sony, Kobos, and Apples iBooks.

-John Van Stry [Ed: Links added]

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