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World Trade Center Hit by Two Planes

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This site is good for getting information on the survivors, and how you can help: Also, you can donate money to the Red Cross through Amazon; they keep no part of the proceeds: ttp://

There's no definite person to pin the terrorist attacks on. The twin towers of the World Trade Center and a nearby building have collapsed. The Pentagon is damaged. A fourth hijacked plane crashed near Pittsburg. The Pittsburg crash is thought to have been related to a possible attempt on Camp David. Five warships have been deployed to guard the east coast of America, and two aircraft carriers have been dispatched to New York. All air-traffic is grounded

There is much call for both blood donations and monetary. Phone numbers to call for information about giving either:

1-800-HELP-NOW (money)

1-800-GIV-LIFE (blood)

OR 1-888-BLOOD-88

I've left the news below from this morning intact:
This isn't strictly on-topic for the site, but it's so hard to get news anywhere else that I'm posting here. Two hijacked planes struck the World Trade Center this morning, one plane per tower, 18 minutes apart. Both towers have collapsed. A third (plane or helicopter) struck the Pentagon. All the news sites seem to be unable to respond, but I've found some texts that I've added below. The link to seems to be working for now: here. The White House has been evacuated. All planes have been grounded.
This site is also up and useful:

From MSNBC: NEW YORK, Sept. 11 — Two aircraft slammed into the World Trade Center in New York on Tuesday, in what was immediately speculated to be a terrorist attack. The FBI reported that a hijacking might have taken place just before the crashes. Police and ambulances were rushing to the scene.

THE AIRCRAFT struck about a half hour apart, starting fires and sending smoke billowing out of the skyscrapers. The first crash happened shortly before 9 a.m. ET. reporter Martin Wolk, who was inside one of the towers, said the lights flickered and then a loud bang was heard. People panicked and started to flee the building. When they reached the lobby, smoke started to fill the building and people could see debris falling and many cars outside were damaged.

“It was sheer pandemonium, people were screaming and crying, afraid to go outside because of the falling debris,” Wolk said. “We looked up and it looked like the top 20 floors were in flames.” Another bystander described a barrage of debris raining down on the sidewalk below. Advertisement About 9 a.m., a second aircraft was seen crashing into the other tower. Broadcast cameras already watching the scene filmed the second plane ram the tower. Large holes were visible in sides of the 110-story buildings. The tops of the twin towers were obscured by the smoke. Thousands of pieces of what appeared to be office paper came drifting over Brooklyn, about three miles from the tower, one witness said.

Terrorism was speculated given that the center was bombed on Feb. 26, 1993, killing six people and injured more than 1,000 others. The FBI said it was investigating reports of a hijacking. A United Airlines employee said he had heard reports that an American Airlines jet had been hijacked and was one of the two aircraft that flew into the center. It was not clear if there were passengers on board. New York airports and the Lincoln Tunnel reportedly were closed as a precautionary measure.



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Judas Priest -- It's worse than I thought. Another plane down outside Pittsburgh, that seems to have been on it way to NYC. I've also heard at least half-a-dozen versions of what was going on at the Pentagon, everything from a kamikaze-style air attack to a car bomb.

I hope to God this is just a majorly weird set of coincidences; though i seriously doubt it. I do not want to think about a terrorist group smart and nasty enough to pull all of this off in one day. Because if this wasn't a weird set of accidents, then I have to think 'what have they got planned for an encore'?

Has _anyone_ out there heard anything about this on the news? Any brags of 'hey, I did it' or discoveries that is was just airplane failure or a weird suicide pact or, hell, anything? I hope it's over.

Micah, thanks for the info. And everyone else, take care.


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I heard there have been a number of groups claiming responsibility, but right now it's just too soon to know or sort through those groups. Apparently there are often groups that try to claim responsibility when things like this occur when they really were not even remotely involved.

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More news that I got from some fellow who works for the airlines (and has the Fed's ear) -- Another plane was shot down by the US Air Force as it as it headed for Camp David. It was another jetliner. My God, all those people dead...

The Pitt crash was caused when the captain apparently drove his plane into a field rather than take it down into the city as commanded. Poor brave bastard; God grant I never even have to think about making a choice like that.

And the culprits have announced themselves. They're the PFLP, the hardline Palestinian terrorists. Damn, but there will be hell to pay over this. I only hope everyone stays calm anough to get the right targets, and not take it out on every darned Arab in sight.


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Right now they're pointing thie fingers at Afganistan and the Taliban, Islamic extremists. Not sure if they're actually the ones who did it, but their leader was making noise about doing something like this earler, he just didn't say where and when.

I believe we are at war. Lord and Lady help us, we are at war.

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My prior comments about the PFLP were mistaken. Sorry for fanning the flames there.

But does anyone know if they've settled anything on who did this? OBL is the best candidate, but he's been all over the news saying he didn't do it. He's either covering his ass or he really didn't do it. I hate to say this, but remember, the last time this happened (a terrorist attack on our soil), it was _Americans_ who did it.

Make no mistake -- I am not defending OBL. Whether or not he did this, he's done enough to merit a death penalty a dozen times over. I've _always_ been a supporter of 'gunboat diplomacy'; to my mind, the best way to handle a situation like this is to follow the example given forth at the start of the 19th century when we blasted the Morroccan and Algerian pirates.

But let's be sure that when we start shooting (and it's come to that) that we are pointed at the right targets. We've got a small local Islamic congregation, and they're horrified by the WTC attack; some of them had relatives or friends working there. No one really noticed them before, but now, I've heard threats of lynching. And the news stating that 'maybe more Arab suicide bombers are hiding out there' is just addig fuel to the flames.

We all want revenge, people, but let's get that revenge on the right people.

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The Taliban came out saying they had nothing to do with it. They might be telling the truth, you know -- if I were one of them I'd be pissing blue, black, and green right about now. There are a *lot* of people out there howling for blood, specifically Arab blood.

We've got a small Muslim congregation in my area. They've gone to ground and are intent on staying there for the next few days. Which is wise of them...


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There have been reports of Arabic college students studying in the USA getting assaulted. Some people are just too quick to presume that the actions of a few radicals reflect the attitudes of many. Can you say racism? Please, people, if you have associates who are of Middle Eastern heritage, continue to treat them the same as before as long as they haven't said or done anything to deserve otherwise.

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I'm no conspiracy theorist or OBL defender, but I'm suprised that all fingers are automatically pointing at the mideast. Has anyone considered homegrown terrorism a possibility? The so-called "Black Bloc" of the WTO riots was a violent group reminicent of 'Project Mayhem' from Fight Club...seems like these folks' favorite target would be the Trade Center. Just a thought. I'll be quiet now.

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The Taliban came out saying they had nothing to do with it.

And they may well be telling the truth. However, in many people's eyes [including government higher-ups] if they are hiding and/or covering up for the person(s) who are responsible, that makes them guilty as well. Osama Ben Laudin (sp?) seems to be the one with the most speculation against him. No one is saying anything is certain right now though. We just have to wait and see.

A side note; we were supposed to be having ArabianFest here in Milwaukee this weekend. It has wisely been cancelled.

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_Some people are just too quick to presume that the actions of a few radicals reflect the attitudes of many... (if) you have associates who are of Middle Eastern heritage, continue to treat them the same as before as long as they haven't said or done anything to deserve otherwise._

Hear, hear.

Let's keep our heads, people.

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I seem to remember fingers being pointed at the Mideast/Arabian countries for Oklahoma City as well. I think we blame them first because they make their hatred of us so well known.

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Islamic terrorists are also noted for their use of suicide bombers. In this case, there were four teams of suiciders.

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Hey, has anyone out there taken a recent look at the comments on yerf.yap? I know everyone is mad right now, but this is getting ridiculous -- and the anti-Arabic comments are getting to the frothing at the mouth level. One guy says he's ready to burn his copy of Fangs of K'aath (Paul Kidd's 'Furry Arabian Nights' novel). Dear lord...

Also, has anyone heard anything about events down in Oz? Last I'd heard, the Aussies were going ballistic on every Muslim in the country. Just what we need, a multi-continent anti-Muslim purge.

A part of me seriously hopes this all turns out to have been an act by someone other than the Muslims (some small group that wiped itself out during the attack would be just fine, though I know better). Though I'm afraid that no matter what, the Afghans are going to catch the blame and smart missiles over this.

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People are threatening to burn comics in protest? Oooooooookay, can we say "Complete disconnect from reality?"

I don't even know where to begin with this.

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A year and a half ago the feds arrested some folks who were planning to blow up the Space Needle here in Seattle on New Year's Eve. My office is right underneath that Needle and it's an eerie sight to look out my window and see the Pacific Science Center, usually packed with children on field trips, empty and cordoned off, and to see the Needle empty and dark.

We can't assume that the first group which takes credit for the attack is actually responsible. Recall that some organizations originally took credit for Oklahoma City.

Watching the video of the second plane striking the World Trade Center, I couldn't help but leap to the conclusion that this organization had to not just take over planes, but to put a pilot of their own onto each plane. I don't know who the mastermind of this horrible, almost unspeakable act is, but they are well-organized.

Anger, sorrow, frustration, and horror are fighting for control right now. But this just strengthens my resolve that each of us must do the things in our power, however small, to make the world a better place. If nothing else, make sure that the people you love know it.


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One wonders how many more flights had terrorists planted on board intending to cause similar targeted crashes, who chose to abort their plans and not reveal their intentions once the word got out that the FAA and the DoD were tightening the screws on any flight that didn't follow its normal course. The plane that crashed near Pittsburgh may have been a flight where the terrorists had already tipped their hand but wre unable to reach their target.

I will be praying a lot tonight and for weeks to come.

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The Pittsburgh deal --

The plane was hijacked. Someone on board called 911 from their cell phone (after locking themselves in the bathroom). They passed info along for a while until the 911 folks heard a loud noise, a yell of 'we're going down', and then nothing.

They (the news and the Feds) think the pilot put the plane down deliberately, and that they may have been headed for Camp David.

God I hope there are no more attacks. We can be glad for one thing; these guys didn't have access to BioChem weapons. Can you imagine the damage they would have done then?

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I just read on the "Latest News" section of the BBC that at 11:30 (BST) Thursday, they will play the U.S. National Anthem during the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, as a memorial to those killed and injured yesterday.

Not only have blood banks all over the U.S. and Canada been flooded with more donors than they could accomodate, I read on ABC News that U.S. recruiting stations are reporting a significant increase in people showing up to enlist in the active military and the reserves. (I would like to personally wave articles to both of those effects under the nose of the guy on the News Hour last night who was claiming there would be no demonstrations of support beyond platitudes...)

On the downside, I was very sad to read in this morning's paper that a mosque in our community was attacked by vandals last night. Not entirely surprised, but deeply disappointed.

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Amazon's donation bucket for the Red Cross's Disaster Relief Fund is rapidly approaching 1.5 million dollars. In fact, it went up $1,000 in just the time I took to write the first sentance. I'd say that's something.

And I am disgusted by the few reports of the anti-Muslim attacks that I have read about. You really think we could lean a little bit from history (Japanese-Americans in WWII).

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