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'Monsters, Inc. 2' becomes 'Monsters University'

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'Monsters University'The Cartoon Brew has the first teaser-trailer for Pixar's 2013 Monsters University, a prequel showing Sulley and Mike as college students before they met Boo. No humans; it's all anthropomorphic "things".

Don't fail to read the Cartoon Brew commentary focusing on the lighting, and on how Pixar's advance trailers are usually much more crudely CGI-rendered than the finished movies.


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A glance at the comments section suggests that animation fans have an awful lot in common with furry fans.

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They ... turned ... it ..... into ......... a college flick????????

If I had any stocks in pixar, I'd sell them now.

Now really, of everything that has ever been chewed to death ... a college flick.

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Here are two new trailers for Monsters University:

Also, Monsters University has its own website now:

Fred Patten

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Animation Scoop has the third trailer for Monsters University. It features more than 400 anthropomorphiic monsters! There is a long story on it by Bill Desowitz, with three stills showing the new global illumination lighting technique that Pixar has created for the movie.

Monsters U is looking better all the time.

Fred Patten

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Monsters University trailer #4:

Fred Patten

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