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Bucking the latest hip trends of the Furry Community, Belfry Webworks announced today that the Belfry Furry Comics Index at will not be going away anytime soon. When asked why, Revar Desmera, lead web developer, replied "Eh. I made the list so I'd have an easy way to find the webcomics I like to read. If I took it down, how would I find them?" Analysts were shocked by this announcement, citing third quarter spending estimates in excess of $30 bazillion to keep the site afloat. Noted speculator Cy Nic said "They must be doing it for the ego boost." When asked to comment on this, Ms. Desmera only replied, "Whatever," and went back to reading Kevin & Kell.


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She's only in it for the truffles, I'll bet. ;}

I hate you all.

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I would rather suspect that it is because she is batty.

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Bless you, Revar. Your particular brand of sarcasm is refreshing.

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I got a really nice chuckle from this article, Thanks. I'm just hoping flayrah doesn't fall into the trap of becoming a place where "Making news for the sake of having news" is the norm.

Grace and Peace - Camstone Fox

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Yeah, well. I half expected my submission not to get accepted. :) It just seemed like we could use a tension breaker after these last couple weeks. Reading about all the various furry sites going down and up sort of weirded me out, so I responded by first making fun of it, then I went and donated some money to my fave web comics.

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I rather agree with the sentiments in the article, so I couldn't resist posting it. :)

Probably just a one-time event. Don't worry, folks.

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