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High School Werewolves

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Yaoi and werewolves? A winning combination for some adult-manga readers. Well that’s the idea behind Wild Honey, written and illustrated by Sei Takenaka. “Hina, the student council president at St. Jeremiah High School, has a secret. Hina is the head of a family that inherited werewolf blood, and recently, he has no memories of nights with a full moon. When he encounters the student council president of a rival school, he is aroused by a scent. While he is usually calm and unperturbed by anything, this scent has transformed his personality; even the mere memory of the scent triggers a passionate reaction.” It’s being released in North America by Digital Manga. You can read more about it at Anime News Network, or order it in paperback at Amazon.

image c. 2012 Digital Manga


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