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Funny animals and anthros listed in The Anime Encyclopedia

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"The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917", by Jonathan Clements & Helen McCarthy contains encyclopedia-type entries on almost all anime movies, TV series, and video titles. This includes all anime with talking animals, alien cat-girls, s-f with bioengineered intelligent animals, and funny animals.

Note from Gene: I picked up my own copy last week and it is very good and comprehensive. Click "Read more..." for more info and a URL.

Published by Stone Bridge Press (Sept. 2001, xviii + 545 pages, $24.95), "Kimba the White Lion", "Hutch the Honeybee", "Baghi", "Bremen 4", "Bannertail the Squirrel", "Catgirl Nukunuku", "Dragon League", "Penguins' Memory" (a 101-minute feature parody of the Viet Nam war movie "The Deer Hunter" with a penguin cast), "Montana Jones", "Sherlock Hound", "Eagle Sam" (starring the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics mascot as a gun-waving private investigator), "Ringing Bell", "Alakazam the Great", "Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors" (a 1945 propaganda feature showing the Imperial Army and Navy as heroic funny animal soldiers and sailors annihilating the Allied Imperialists), "Wansa-kun", and much more.


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