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Do 'Despicable Me 2' minions count as anthropomorphic?

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Despicable Me 2's yellow minions stretch the definition, but here's its new trailer anyway.

It looks like the new Bad Guys are the Good Guys. Screenrant thinks that the minions can be overdone. How does Gru kiss the girls without stabbing them with his nose?


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Same way fursuiters hug people without bumping into their face with their muzzle.

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I think you Crumbsnatchin'.


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They count as "unfunny". The movie counts as "mediocre".

Well, I'll be...

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Don't review a movie that hasn't come out yet.

Yes, I broke my over a month long comment absence to say that.

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you are unintelligable and shouyld reqatch it and be bettere

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