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Midwest FurFest Newsletter

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Midwest FurFest is just over a week away; we're look forward to the furry invasion of Chicago! For some last minute details, check out the Midwest FurFest November newsletter, posted below. And don't forget to look up your harried editor in the artshow when you're here!

Greetings from Midwest FurFest!

It's less than two weeks away! Can you feel it?

We're in the home stretch, finalizing the second edition of the
Midwest's premier place to meet, greet, mingle and murr. We hope
you're as ready as we are!

Pre-registration is over, but you can still register at the door for
$40 throughout the con -- registration will start Thursday evening,
November 15, during our Pre-MFF Mixer. Meet your fellow furs and our
Guests of Honor, Mary Hanson-Roberts, Jessica Willard and Matt

More in this issue:

MFF accepting credit cards? Priceless.

For the first time, MFF is now plastic-compatible! Visa and
MasterCard will be accepted for walk-in registration and the art
auction, and of course, a few dealers will be able to handle your
cards. Also, charity auction items can be paid for with credit,
courtesy of our charity, Animals for Awareness.

Get a room!

We've passed the deadline for the special Midwest FurFest rate, but
you may still have a chance at that price! There are a few select
rooms left at the $79 dollar rate as of the newsletter's publication
date. But to get one, you must call the Sheraton Chicago Northwest's
reservation line at (847) 394-2000. However, we can no longer make
guarantees over the availability of rooms at that rate.

Programming—limited only by your imagination...

Keep in mind -- besides being able to hang with your friends, MFF
workshops can help you learn...

  • how to make a tail
  • how to make your artwork jump out through digital coloring
  • how to connect spiritually with your inner animal
  • how to make future con trips better con trips through advance planning
  • how furry is accepting, and adapting to, diversity
  • how furs are aging with grace
  • how to make buttons
  • all about hyenas! Where else are you going to learn all about hyenas? :)

And those are only a few of our broad schedule items. For the whole
list, go to

Gophers—would you like to be one?

If so—we need you! Sign up when you register or visit the operations

Tech support!

C'mon, admit your occasional confuzzledness -- you know there are
times when you need them. Well, if you have a con-related question
while at MFF, our operations room is (we hope) equipped to find
solutions! And we promise you won't be put on hold with cheesy
Britney Spears music! Ops will be in the hotel's conference center,
right next to the registration area. Make `em earn their pay! (Or

Furry Feud!

We are looking for teams to play the fandom's hottest new game show!
(Wait. _Are_ there any other furry game shows?) :) If you know Family
Feud, Furry Feud is similar, except you'll be asked to match wits with
our scientifically-polled survey group (if you've ever been
scientifically polled, you know how painful a process it can be) on
questions involving art, writing, personalities and other furry
minutiae! If you're interested in forming a team of four players, we
need names and email addresses - send them, and any questions on game
rules, to

Travel information

The MFF website ( has the latest information on how to
connect between O'Hare and Midway Airports, the bus and commuter rail
terminals, and the hotel.

Mailing lists

Midwest FurFest has two mailing lists available: MFF-Announce is for
official announcements only. You should receive only a few messages
per month maximum from this list.

MFF-Talk is a discussion list, a place to ask questions or talk about
Midwest FurFest. The number of messages on this list will depend on
the subscribers. There is also a digest format available for this

You can subscribe to any of these lists by emailing
with any subject, and in the message put:

subscribe mff-announce or subscribe mff-talk or subscribe

When you subscribe to either list, information will be sent to you on
how to unsubscribe, should you wish to do so later. 'Major'
(Majordomo) is an automated process, you should not send mail to
'major' other than subscribe, unsubscribe, and other commands that
will be explained in your welcome message. Any questions about 'Major'
may be directed to

ANY QUESTIONS? Perhaps our website has the answer! It's being updated
by the week, so stay tuned at:

It includes contact addresses for many MFF staffers too, as well as a
"who's going" page and pages for ride and room shares.

Midwest Furfest & MFF Newsletter are productions of Midwest Furry
Fandom, Inc 2001


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