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New Projects at Sofawolf Press

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Two new projects have popped up at Sofawolf on the news page: a magazine with a historical focus; and an ambitious shared world trade paperback. These are in addition to Jeff Eddy's successful Anthrolations magazine. Follow the link to read more about the new projects and how to submit work.


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It's good to see another literary publisher active in furry fandom. Unlike SF fandom, where writers get all the attention and artists are often ignored, writing in furry fandom usually takes a back seat to visual art. Jeff's first 'zine Anthrolations is an excellent piece of work; I encourage everyone to go out and buy it, and I'm looking forward to seeing the new publications as well.

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Anthrolations is going quite well! Its third issue is hot off the presses and will be available at Further Confusion. If you've not seen the first two issues, I believe #1 is only available from Mailbox Books, but #2 (with a story by yours truly :) are still available from Sofawolf Press.

Issue #3 features the returning writing talents of Tim Susman, M.C.A. Hogarth and Mike McGee. Authors making their first appearance in Anthrolations are Andrija Popovic, Mark Mellon and Corey Kellgren. New artists with Anthrolations are Brian Reynolds, Phil Morrissey, Stephanie Hahn, Frank Villarreal and Lonnie DiNello.

Issue #3 has a great breadth of stories by some of the better writers in this genre, and the accompanying artwork is fantastic. Drop by the Sofawolf Press table at Further Confusion and pick the new issue up!


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