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Chairman Named for Midwest Furfest 2002, New Hotel Announced

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At a meeting of the Board of Directors of Midwest Furry Fandom, Inc. (the parent non-profit corporation of Midwest Furfest) on November 18, 2001, Jim Doolittle (Aureth) was selected to be Convention Chairman of Midwest Furfest 2002. Jim also selected Steven Calica (Stevie) and Paul Lester (Linnaeus) to be his Vice-Chairmen.

[From Aureth: I haven't posted anything about this since we only just finished with 2001's edition of FurFest. Since Duncan mentions it, yes, I am the insane person who will be chairing MFF 2002. Stay tuned for more information!]

That same weekend, it was announced that Midwest Furfest 2002 will take place November 22-24, 2002, at the Hyatt Regency Woodfield in Schaumburg, Illinois (three miles south of the Sheraton Northwest Chicago, location for MFF 2000 and 2001). In addition to having an outstanding layout of function space and numerous social gathering spaces, the Hyatt Woodfield is directly across the street from Woodfield Mall, the largest mall in the Chicago area, as well as within walking distance of many, many restaurants. The Hyatt also hosts other fannish conventions, including Windycon and Duckon, and they are looking forward to working with Midwest Furfest to provide an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Membership rates will remain the same for 2002, with the exception of sponsorships, which will be $80. However, this will include not only the free T-shirt, sponsor prints, and token of our esteem we have offered in past years, but also a special meal with the Guests of Honor. Watch Flayrah and other news venues for announcements on just who those Guests of Honor might be, coming soon!


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