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The Last Unicorn, The Movie, reported to premiere in 2003

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Now The Last Unicorn will be soon a magical fantasy film - a complete new re-creation of the novel, newly rewritten for the screen by Peter S. Beagle. A worldwide movie event with outstanding actors, fantastic sets and locations, wildlife, and trained animals, seamlessly blended with computer-created, realistic creatures and fantasy worlds. We call it Magical Realism.

A new, amazing live action drama -an adventure that feels real with realistically looking digital characters, mixed with real actors, real locations, real animals and a firework of magical special effects - a re-imagination of one of the most beautiful and enchanting fantasy classics of all times - alive on the big screen.

Some of the world's best talents have joined forces to create this masterpiece of visual magic in 24 months production time.


Worldwide premiere in autumn / winter 2003.


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Hrm! Unusual! You can download the whole script for the movie from the website. It reads rather nicely.

Though am I the only one that reads it, sees references to the Red Bull, and thinks, "Red Bull gives you wings!"

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Way cool!

Peter had mentioned that he was working on and pitching a script for a live-action remake when he was our Guest of Honor at CF12 this past april.

[Plug] He'd be a great guest for other conventions, and is quite approachable... He was thrilled to find out that there is this whole fandom around animal characters. [/plug]


ConFurence will again be at the Burbank Hilton, April 25-27, 2003.  Visit for more details on this and other events being hosted by The ConFurence Group.

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Oh, yes. One more question about the script.

I -do- hope that the constant references to CU the Unicorn mean 'Close Up the Unicorn'. Or I'll never get over everyone commenting on my initials in the script!

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18 years later...

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