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Review: 'Naughty Sexy Furry Writing: Enter At Your Own Risk' by Rainfurrest volunteers

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NSFW:Enter At Your Own RiskThe RainFurrest Annual Charity Anthology was created to celebrate and showcase the literary aspect of the anthropomorphics fandom as well as to raise funds for charity. NSFW: Enter At Your Own Risk is the adult version. Lots of sex with anthropomorphic animals.

Features the following writers, all who donated stories: Bryan Nickleberry, Rechan, Cheshire, Bill Kieffer, Kits and PJ Wolf, and featuring art by Dr. West, Bill "Greyflank" Kieffer and P. Gaither with a cover by Rhari.

The collection is nice, not as uneven as some anthologies, although some stories could use a bit more proof-reading.

Disclaimer: I am one of the story writers of the anthology. I am also the biggest offender in the proof-reading sense.

Illustrated, Dallas, TX, FurPlanet Publications, September 2015, trade paperback $10.00 (124 pages).

'Heart' by Bryan Nickleberry

So a demon, a succubus, and a monster hunter walk into a bar...

So, without spoiling the ending, love really does conquer all.

The sex is all in the "front end" of the story and it is rather messy and exhausting. I found the final climax to be nicely done, but I do have two minor complaints.

The first being is cup sizes. In a sword and sorcery setting, I find the use of modern sizing more than a little jarring. I like breasts. There must surely be a better way for a woman to describe her own endowments, even if that woman isn't all she seems to be. There are other ways to say these things more appropriate to the setting, I should think.

Issue 1.5: G-spot. See above/Issue the first.

The second issue covers a long lapse of years. In talking about the children and their powers, there's a passage or two that feels distant. I'm sure it just needs a little tweaking.

'Welcome' to my Parlor by Rechan

I found this to be particularly witty version of a dungeon crawl for one, from the point of view of the "monster." Considering the adult theme of "NSFW" and how these things go in furry, I was quite pleased and surprised by the ending.

I did not see that "coming."

'Ol'grem' by Cheshire

When I started reading this story, I really did not think I'd like it much. And I thought with good reason, as the first few paragraphs were confusing and repetitive. I'm OK with repetition; especially when used to good effect. This wasn't. By the time the fox hit the city, I had to take a break.

I think perhaps the first few paragraphs reminded me too much of my own first draft writing; which made it worse, too close to home.

But once the fox got to the bar and made arrangements for staying, the storytelling improved and every thing after that seemed very polished. The sex was probably as satisfying for me as for Ol'grem.

Spoiler alert, but I think the fox got wonderfully spoiled.

'Steed and Steel', a Metamor Keep universe story by Bill Kieffer

That's me, and I need to apologize for the lack of a final edit. Part of the problem is the version of OpenOffice I use. Saving from .ODT to .DOC messed up almost every closing quote mark until I learned to stop using smart quotes.

Plus, I used Peter's name where I should have used Coal's in one spot.

I still think it works if you do not know Metamor Keep. But I know Metamor Keep and I am biased. The other writers of Metamor Keep want me to make it clear that this story is non-canon.

Because there's sex in it.

Canon story would be the same plot with the rapes done discreetly off camera.

I am quite verbal that sex is important, but the universe creator was quite clear that Metamor Keep is for everyone. Sex would keep children away. So far, I've been able to write canon stories from all my Metamor Keep stories. I just don't limit myself on my first few drafts.

You should absolutely explore the streets of Metamor Keep. Some of the most talented writers I know spend a lot of their time there.

'Thicker than Blood' by Kits

I learned that Kit's tale was accidentally truncated before I began reading it. I glanced at the ending, and it seemed to end in a good spot (which is to say not in the middle of a sentence).

I read the story and it still seems to end in a good spot. Maybe not the best spot for this collection of furry adult stories, but it does at least answer the question Valof has been asking himself since the story began: why did he save Hrun and not run away with the loot? And it does answer that so deliciously well.

I don't know what happens after they have sex (sorry, no spoiler there... NSFW is exactly that kind of book, after all). Hrun can run off, Valof can run off, they can run off together, or the owner of the loot might sneak past them and get his loot back, for all I know. So, maybe future editions will have the full story, maybe not, but no one should really feel cheated (except perhaps Kits).

What we get is worth reading and enjoying.

UPDATE (Nov 1, 2016) I've been told that Kits has the full story up an FA until the next printing of NSFW.

The story gets deeper and there's more sex. I don't want to give you any spoilers on that score. It's nice seeing Druids smart and practical.

'Jailbreak' by PJ Wolf

I think I liked every line here, except "Coryn knew the castle the lord spoke of." We kind of established that on the previous page. But every other line served its purpose and showed the complexities of royal intrigue. Intrigue is often confused with a singular mystery or secret, not the complex atmosphere a ruling caste lives and breathes.

Never mind the sex, read the story to taste the intrigue PJ builds his story upon. The sex is good, if tricked and coerced. I felt I was really reading from the point of view of a strong woman, not bitter but realistic.

I look forward to finding a longer work by PJ Wolf. I'm curious to see if he can "keep it up."


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