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The Lion Stalks Tonight

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Not really anthropomorphic per ce, but certainly a fine specimen of animal art. Magnetic Press have released the latest edition of the European hardcover graphic novel series of wildlife adventures called Love. The latest, Love Volume 3, is about The Lion. (Following Volume 1: The Tiger and Volume 2: The Fox.) “The third volume in the lavishly illustrated series of wildlife graphic novels, each following a single central animal through an adventurous day in their natural environment. This exciting tale, written by Frederic Brremaud, is told without narration or dialogue, conveyed entirely through the beautiful illustrations of Federico Bertolucci. Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, this volume focuses on a solitary Lion as it wanders the plains of Africa, handling the daily hunt, and vicious rivalry, without a Pride of its own. The circle of Life takes center stage in a world where predator and prey trade places on a regular basis, and family is something worth fighting – and dying – for.” Ha! We see what you did there! Order it now at Comixology. [Off to San Diego! We’ll see you all next week.]

image c. 2016 Magnetic Press 232 768 772w" sizes="(max-width: 232px) 100vw, 232px" />

image c. 2016 Magnetic Press


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“Love: Dinosaurs”, volume 4, has been out in France since last November. Since it’s wordless, it doesn’t matter that it’s not published in English yet.

Fred Patten

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True! But having it published in North America makes it a lost faster and easier to get!

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Delivery by is pretty fast & easy. But doesn't deliver free to North America, and air mail for a book does add up.

Fred Patten

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