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Realm of the Claw Toys by Stan Winston

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For any furry fan that's into action figures you just have to check out the newest line by Stan Winston. These appear to be well made anthropomorphic felines. I've seen them on Furbid and on Furnation advertised. There's a sabertoothed cat, a lynx, cheetah (or leopard), and a few other puma like ones. Two are female and the rest of the series are male. They are for sale on for 14.99 plus shipping or possibly at your local Toys R Us. Definitely get yourself a set because on the web page it talks about anothe upcoming series called Blood Wolves. Not sure myself but perhaps it will be a canine series!

mwalimu writes: When I tried the second link above, I got a pop-up menu, and the selection that was supposed to display the figures only gave me a blank screen (tried both Netscape and IE). The other selection leads to an online comic featuring the characters represented by the figures.



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When I tried it, it came up fine. Obviously a flash screen of some sort.

I'd also like to note that the characters come with two heads, a snarly one, and a regular one.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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We got all five practically on the day they came out!

As much as I LOVE the quicktime movie info (who can I kill to get copies of that concept artwork?!), I really had to laugh when Stan Winston said "The first time everyone - not just some people, but everyone - sees these toys hanging in the store, they will say, 'I have never seen ANYTHING like that!'" Sorry Stan, I've seen these in my dreams and created them on paper since I was an itty bitty pup! Then again, that's really why we bought them.

A few notes: Most of the clothing is NOT removable, being flexible plastic glued in a few strategic places so that it does flow around the figures nicely when you move the limbs - be careful though, torque them too far and you'll snap it off! It can easily be glued back on though.

For some reason, the good guy males have prominent crotches, while the bad guy males are flat as a board! Subconscious imagery, anyone? All of the characters except one, the sabre-tooth, have loincloths, and no, there's nothing to see on him. :D

The heads are interchangable within the genders - the pegs are different sizes for the males and females though, so you can't put a male head on a female body or vice versa. You CAN put Kaela's head on Zynda, though, or Tswana's head on Nakuru!

I haven't had this much fun with action figures since I played "war" with my My Little Ponies! Well, at least I THINK that's a good thing....

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