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Shanda Fantasy Arts to revive Atomic Mouse

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Shanda Fantasy Arts will bring _Atomic Mouse_ back to comic life in SFA Spotlight #10, May 2001, 48 years to the month since he debuted, with 48 pages of fun and action.

Created and illustrated by Vince Fago, _Atomic Mouse_ was introduded in 1953 by Charlton comics. His runaway success quickly led to two spin-offs, _Atomic Rabbitt_ and _Atom the Cat._

Vincent Fago, the original creator and artist of Atomic Mouse will be one of the many creators lending new material to SFA's revival of _Atomic Mouse._

Other members of the creative team announced by Shanda for the revival are: Mike Kazalah, Mike Curtis, Chris Yambar, George Broderick, Jr., Charles Ettinger, Carl Gafford, Michael-Scot McMurry, Marc Shirmeister, Steve Addlesee, Dann Phillips, and Charles Gray.

Vicent Fago started his career at the Fleischer Paramount Studios, working on Popeye, Betty Boop, and two feature films, Gulliver's Travels and Mr. Bug Goes to Town. Later he joined Timely Comics, working with Stan Lee. In the late 1940's, he entered the funny animal field with titles like Kiddy Kapers and wrote and illustrated Peter Rabbit, a comic strip syndicated across the United States. In 1953, Vincent created Atomic Mouse for Charlton Comics, and worked on the character for many years. Mr. Fago will be represented by both reprinted and new material.


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