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Have a look at Foxyden if you have any interest in furry writing, either as a reader or a writer.

There are two particular items of interest at this site. First, the site admin is trying to restore all the content that used to reside on the now-defunct Furry Pleasures websites, and is having difficulty locating some of the authors to get their permission. If you or someone you are in touch with has written stories that used to be on Furry Pleasures, please contact T'fox.

Second is a continuing, expanding story called The Furryventure, which starting from a single scene branches out into multiple storylines, each with more branches, and so forth. Many of the branches point to unwritten episodes, and readers are encouraged to write episodes at any of these endpoints they would like to see continued. Episodes written so far range from mundane to adult to just plain weird, and while the results may not be classic literature, it can be fun to participate in.


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