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Midwest FurFest Spring Newsletter

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Greetings from Midwest FurFest!

Remember us? We remember you! And we hope you'll keep November 22-24 free on your calendar. It may be a long way off, but we're already working on what we think will be a most excellent third edition of MFF.
What'll be new? A new hotel, for starters!

We're moving to the Hyatt Woodfield in Schaumburg, in northwest suburban Chicago. With our new location, we get a shorter ride to and from O'Hare, bigger facilities, and -- perhaps best of all -- one of the world's premier shopping malls (with plenty of restaurants) right across the street. Yet rooms will still be competitively priced at $85/night for a single or double. To beat the crowd and make your reservation, call the Hyatt Woodfield at 847-605-1234 and ask for the FurFest rate.

Our Guests of Honor!

We're proud to have three outstanding personalities in the fandom with us as guests of honor this year. David Simpson draws one of the most popular daily comic strips among furs, Ozy and Millie. Up-and-coming Midwestern artist Ursula Husted, aka Hedgy, will offer her talents. And from Haunted Verdun Manor, Ysengrin Werewolf will regale us with fursuiting tips and tales.

New home, same charity...

That's right, you'll be able to say hello to Al the hawk, Kodiak the lynx and the other critters who made it out from Animals for Awareness
-- they're coming back! The Palos Park-based exotic animal rescue will once again be the beneficiary of our annual charity auction, which raised more than $3000 for them last year.

Register early? Sure!

We're accepting registrations now -- do it early (before the end of September) and pay only $30! Sponsorships are $80, and this year we've added new perks including a sponsor lunch buffet with the guests of honor. Download your form at Online registration is coming!

Any other questions? Check our website at


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