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Chimps are only human

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Chimpanzees are intellegent and very similar to humans genetically, and the American AR group Chimpanzee Collaboratory says they deserve the right to... lawyers.
In a country known for its interest in legal representation and process, this could be a ground breaking case if won, but critics point out that this could be seen as the start of banning any animals for use, with the personable and likeable apes the foot in the door.


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Oh god..this is really going to cripple our space and research programs. After they're declared "human" it'll be unethical to use them in research. Another example of Animal Rights extremism.

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Well, not necessarily. After all, studies have been done in which chimps and gorillas have been taught sign language. All we need is for them to be able to "volunteer" and prove that they are competent to do so (by virtue of the language they were taught) and then they can be used for research just like human volunteers.

In theory.

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Yeah........ I mean darn those minorities and children who've been determined to have rights so we can't use them for labor and experimentation. Those advocates are really putting a crimp in industry and science.... What will the world come to if landowners and nobles aren't the only ones with lawyers?

*ducks thrown fruit*

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*applauds quietly, catching the fruit* you make an impressive point Mana, nice shooting.

The experimentation went too far long ago, just look at the Ebola experimentation...

Tlaren }:=8}

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I've heard that the evidence that chimps were using sign language to express thoughts and feelings is now thought to have been largely wishful thinking by the researchers. Apparently when they brought in other people who knew sign language, they didn't see nearly as many clear "signs" as the researchers were. This is a really common problem in animal intelligence research.

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